Sunday, April 20, 2003

LexiLine Journal #201 - 2003 : Asuka Japan Map Megaliths Temples Cepheus Cassiopeia



To our Japan directory at

I have added the file

showing a map of the megalithic and temple sites at Asuka, south of
Nara and Kyoto.

The term Nara in Japanese I am sure has the same origin as Arabic
Nahr and Hebrew Nhar di Nur for the Milky Way. The current Chinese
and Japanese term for the Milky way Tien Ho is similar to Lithuanian
Dangus but meaning "heaven", i.e. it did not originally mean Milky

The Milky Way from Perseus to Cepheus was anciently seen as a monkey
by other cultures (see our Italy files), and also in Japan at the
Saru-ishi, the "Monkey Rock" (ishi means rock in Japanese).

To its right of Saru-ishi is Kame-ishi "Turtle Rock" (holding the
heaven up on its back and battling the Serpent of Draco) and
Sakafune-ishi "Sake-Vat Rock", a hollowed out rock, which I decipher
as marking the center of heaven at Cepheus and showing the "origin
of the flow" of the Milky Way, in ancient times apparently
demonstrated by flowing water on stones.

The Sakafune-ishi megalith (over 5 meters long) at Asuka shows a
kind of "water wheel" concentrated at Cepheus to mark the Milky

Mizuochi (Mizu-ishi) would seem to mark the Pole Star and according
to Nihon Shoki (The Chronicles of Japan) these ruins were the
first "clock" (rokoku) made in Japan by Nakano-oene-Oji in
legendary times. Of course, this clock was astronomical in nature.

The sites of Asuka at Saru-ishi (monkey), Takamatsuzuka, Kame-ishi
(Tortoise or Turtle), Oka and Ishibutai Dolmen would also appear to
mark the stars of Cassiopeia, known in ancient China as the Five

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