Friday, December 19, 2008

Phaistos Disk and Old Elamite - New Appendix 5 - Naqia as Clymene and Abi-Rami as Aerope whence Queen Napirasu is Helen of Troy - LexiLine Journal 510

I have added a new appendix, Appendix 5, to my article on Phaistos Disk and Old Elamite Scripts (see The Phaistos Disc: An Ancient Enigma Solved : Two Corroborative Old Elamite Scripts are Ancient Greek - by Andis Kaulins - LexiLine Journal 507) .

The new Appendix relates to the Ph.D. thesis of
Sarah Chamberlin Melville, The role of Naqia / Zakutu in Sargonid politics. Ph.D. thesis, Yale University, May, 1994.

Her article suggests to me equating the two "Sargonid" sisters, Naqia and Abi-Rami - who were of unknown origin - with Clymene and Aerope, the daughters of King Catreus of Crete. In such a case, as I originally suspected through my decipherment of the two Old Elamite Scripts, Queen Napirasu would then likely be Helen of Troy.


(appendix added December 19, 2008, after the speech in London)

Sarah Chamberlin Melville, The role of Naqia / Zakutu in Sargonid politics. Ph.D. thesis, Yale University, May, 1994.

As Sarah Chamberlin Melville writes at the very outset of her dissertation:

"There is more evidence for Naqia/Zakutu than for all other Sargonid royal women combined."

Why is that the case? Apparently, there was something very unusual about her.

Naqia's husband, by current historical analyis of mainstream scholars, was allegedly Sennacherib, her son was Esarhaddon and her grandson was Ashurbanipal. We do not examine here the question of chronology or the identities of kings in terms of duplicate (but different) names in other empires.

What is important for us to note here for purposes of our discussion is that Naqia entered her husband's harem while he was still a crown prince - and that her origin, as that of her sister, are unknown mysteries which have puzzled scholars. Solely on the basis of transliteration, her name is regarded to be West Semitic. We, on the other hand, note that the name Naqia is very close linguistically as a word to Neith and that the version Neith-krety or Neith-kety ("Nitokris") would explain her Akkadian name of Zakutu as deriving from Za-Kutu <*Aiz–Kretu meaning "from Crete".

As Sarah Chamberlin Melville writes (p. 6 of the dissertation, page 23 of the .pdf):

"We do not investigate the question of whether or not the memory of Naqia generated the later legend of Nitokris of Babylon.[6] That subject demands treatment as a facet of the wider problem of the perception of Neo-Assyria in later traditions."

Melville in fact devotes an entire chapter of her dissertation to Naqia's unknown origins (Chapter II) and she notes importantly - for our previous discussion of the two daughters of King Catreus of Crete - that Naqia also had a sister Abi-rami, whose origins are equally unknown. (p. 24 of the dissertation, page 41 of the .pdf)

These two sisters mesh well potentially with the story of the two daughters of King Catreus of Crete who were sent away to be married off into foreign lands. But if those two sisters, Clymene and Aerope, in fact match Naqia and Abi-Rami, then Queen Napirasu of Elam can only be Helen of Troy and her husband Napirisha (Na-PIRIS) is then the Paris of the same legend.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Atlit-Yam Israel Underwater Megaliths Deciphered as Stars Within Milky Way Ellipse just as Path of Enlil and Lake Onega Sky Map - LexiLine Journal 509

I received an email recently alerting me to the fascinating megalithic underwater site of Atlit-Yam in Israel.

The Israel Antiquities Authority writes:
"Megalithic Installations.... A ritual installation of megaliths was found at the Atlit-Yam site. It consists of seven stones (1-2.1 m long), six of which are still standing upright, forming a circle (diameter ca. 2.5 m) open to the northwest. The bases of the standing stones are covered with gray travertine attesting to the presence of fresh water in the past. Close to the standing stones to the west, a few flat stone slabs (0.7-1.2 m long) were found lying horizontally. On some of them were hewn shallow cup-marks.... It is Another installation consists of three oval stones (1.6-1.8 m), two of which are circumscribed by grooves forming schematic anthropomorphic figures."
I have been able to decipher this megalithic structure as a Planisphere of the Heavens:

Atlit-Yam Megalithic Decipherment Andis Kaulins

The megalithic structure at Atlit-Yam shows the heavens from Scorpio to Canis Minor (it could be Canis Major if Canis Major was seen as being within the Milky Way), specifically including those star groups, as well as Sagittarius, Ophiuchus, Corona Borealis, Boötes, Virgo, Leo, Gemini, Auriga, Perseus, Cassiopeia, Cepheus, Cygnus, Aquila, Ursa Major and Draco. All of the stars represented are WITHIN the elllipse of the Milky Way and the outer wall of the megalithic structure represents that Milky Way.

Updated 2010:

All stars represented are WITHIN the ellipse of the Milky Way. These are the stars on the Anu Path of EN.LIL, all within the ellipse of the Milky Way:
The Path of Enlil (Jāņu Lielais) - LexiLine Journal 484
the Lake Onega Planisphere now in the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg Russia:


By his permission, I would like to identify Doctor Ignazio Burgio of Italy as the person who alerted me to the Atlit-Yam megalithic structure in Israel. His website is where he has the following webpage in English about Atlit-Yam:

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