Sunday, July 27, 2003

Gerald Stanley Hawkins Stonehenge - 216 LexiLine Journal

The following link from Explorator at Yahoo contains an obituary of
Gerald Stanley Hawkins,3604,1004737,00.html

who is often seen as the founder of scientific archaeoastronomy.

Hawkins was in my opinion the greatest student of the
megaliths in the 20th century.

He understood that megalithic man was quite a bright and resourceful
student of the heavens and that Neolithic man in general was and
still is greatly understimated by smug establishment scholars.

Mainstream archaeologists who thought they were criticizing the
superb work of Hawkins and who referred to the builders of
Stonehenge as "howling barbarians" were referring - in the last
anaylsis - to themselves.

Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Books at Eisenbrauns - 215 LexiLine Journal

Eisenbrauns at is - as far as I know -
the leading bookseller in the field of ancient studies and I
subscribe to their newsletter which I highly recommend to everyone.

As an example, the following newsletter just came in....

But one preliminary comment....
If we compare any science to a tree, the trunk to its main
foundation, the branches to its main hypotheses and its leaves to
the detail questions - mainstream science is fairly good at doing
the detail work - indeed, in this context, most scientists are "leaf
people". When we attack mainstream science, we are looking to see if
the "branches" of the tree are healthy, which in many cases they are
not, and indeed, to see if the trunk is naught but a stump,
indicating that this or that tree need to be planted anew. Very few
scientists are "branch people" and a true "trunk person" only
appears about once a century.

The following articles are all "leafy".


To order the following title visit the Eisenbrauns web site:

"Under One Sky: Astronomy and Mathematics in the Ancient Near East."
Alter Orient und Altes Testament (AOAT) 297. Edited by John M. Steele and
Annette Imhausen. Ugarit-Verlag, 2002, vii + 496 pages, Cloth, English. ISBN:
3934628265. $118.00

"Under One Sky" presents 26 revised and expanded contributions to the
conference that took place at the British Museum June 2001. The
authors examine the many-faceted interdependencies of Egyptian and
Mesopotamian astronomy and mathematics, ranging from Sumerian Ur III mathematical
problems (J. Hoyrup), astronomical and mythological references in
Egyptian texts (R. Krauss), and the Babylonian Diviner's Manual (C. Williams)
to gnosis and astrology in the 4th book of the Pistis Sophia (A. von
Lieven and Babylonian lunar theory in Roman Egypt (A. Jones).

Eisenbrauns is the exclusive North American distributor of "Under
One Sky" and the entire AOAT series that features monographs and collected
volumes on the ancient Near East and biblical studies. To view the entire list
of available AOAT volumes, visit our web site and search by
series "AOAT."


On Columns H and J in Babylonian Lunar Theory of System B - Asger Aaboe

Predictions of Lunar Phenomena in Babylonian Astronomy - Lis Brack-Bernsen

Treatments of Annual Phenomena in Cuneiform Sources - John P. Britton

History of the heleq - Leo Depuydt

Measuring Egyptian Statues - Friedhelm Hoffmann

How to Educate a Kapo or Reflections on the Absence of a Culture of Mathematical Problems in Ur III - Jens Hoyrup

The Algorithmic Structure of the Egyptian Mathematical Problem Texts - Annette Imhausen

Babylonian Lunar Theory in Roman Egypt. Two New Texts - Alexander Jones

Early Babylonian Observations of Saturn: Astronomical Considerations - Teije de Jong

The Eye of Horus and the Planet Venus: Astronomical and Mythological References - Rolf Krauss

The Historicity Question in Mesopotamian Divination - Daryn Lehoux

Gnosis and Astrology. 'Book IV' of the Pistis Sophia - Alexandra von Lieven

Ration Computations at Fara: Multiplication or Repeated Addition - Duncan J. Melville

Square Tablets in the Yale Babylonian Collection - Karen R. Nemet- Nejat

A Goddess Rising 10,000 Cubits into the Air . . . Or Only One Cubit, One Finger? - Joachim F. Quack

Aristarchos and the 'Babylonian' Month - Dennis Rawlins

Closing the Eye of Horus - Jim Ritter

More than Metrology: Mathematics Education in an Old Babylonian Scribal School - Eleanor Robson

A Study of Babylonian Normal-Star Almanacs and Observational Texts - Norbert A. Roughton

Egyptian Festival Dating and the Moon - Anthony Spalinger

A Simple Function for the Length of the Saros in Babylonian Astronomy - John M. Steele

The Earliest Datable Observation of the Aurora Borealis - F. Richard Stephenson and David M. Willis

The 'Transit Star Clock' from the Book of Nut - Sarah Symons

Enuma Anu Enlil Tablets 1-13 - Lorenzo Verderame

The Role of Astronomical Techniques in Ancient Egyptian Chronology: The Use of Lunar Month Lengths in Absolute Dating - Ronald A. Wells

Signs from the Sky, Signs from the Earth: The Diviner's Manual Revisited - Clemency Williams

Monday, July 07, 2003

Cahokia Figurines elsewhere in the USA - 214 LexiLine Journal

The Science Daily news online from Science Daily Magazine
has an article today entitled

"New Technique Helps Solve Mystery Of Ancient Figurines"


This article deals with ancient figurines found in the South and
Southeast of the USA whose origin has been traced by very modern
methods to quarries near the site of Cahokia.

These findings of course confirm my decipherment of ancient sites in
the USA as being interconnected and bear witness to the wide travels
of ancient man.

I am certian that this new method - called PIMA -- which stands for
non-invasive "Portable Infrared Mineral Analyzer" will bring us many
more surprises once it is applied to other ancient artifacts.

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