Thursday, June 27, 2002

LexiLine Journal #14 - 2002 : MUL.APIN Star Identifications Corrected



It was not intentional, but "a number of fortune" [posting 13] was left out.

In the course of "shaping up" for
uniformity, and due to knowledge gained from my recent decipherment of the megaliths, I have been able to revise and correct the MUL.APIN readings by Papke, Hunger and Pingree, which I had put on my site earlier with explanations on my part, but few changes.

Due to the fact that I have identified the Path of En.Lil as the path of the stars WITHIN the ring of the Milky Way - as we already saw for the Ermitage Planisphere, and it is incredible that not even I saw this before - it has been possible to resolve the critical issue of the identification of the Babylonian star KAK.SI.SA which Hunger and Pingree claim to be Sirius - this is impossible, since it lies OUTSIDE the Milky Way. But similarly, Papke's identification of Procyon as KAK.SI.SA as Procyon does not hold water, though it is more correct, when one uses a precessional planishere and matches the stars to heliacal risings and settings as listed in the cuneiform tablets.

Using such a planisphere by Heifetz it is possible to identify the Lance Star in question as having a shaft of Monoceros and the tip of the lance is the star Alphard in Hydra, sticking into Hydra. Armed with this knowledge it was possible to identify ALL the stars of MUL.APIN, many of which have either remained unidentifed by Papke, Hunger and Pingree or have been falsely identified.

You will find the corrected decipherment for MUL.APIN starting at

Saturday, June 22, 2002

LexiLine Journal #12 - 2002 : Moselle Rock Carvings



I work 18 hours a day but there is never enough time for everything I need and want to do. Perhaps your life is similar.

Currently, I am updating the pages to a uniform standard, while at the same time working on the megalithic materials.

Among other things, to my great astonishment, several months ago I discovered gigantic bird carvings on the sides of the slopes of the Moselle River Valley - right where I live. I have been looking at these slopes for years and had never seen a thing. But just as the hills turned green this spring, the funny shape of the way the vineyards are cut here caught my attention. Sure enough - there were more such figures all the way down the River from Traben-Trarbach nearly to Enkirch. These carvings are out of solid stone (the stone here is slate and fairly easy to work).
Now vineyards grow on these already crumbled surfaces. These rock carvings must date back at least 5000 years. Recall - the Magdalenians lived near here and we
have numerous megalithic sites in the area. More later.

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