Monday, November 25, 2002

LexiLine Journal #92 - 2002 : Weris I Belgium Megalithic Site Deciphered as Virgo



To the LexiLine "Photos" at
I have added the following jpgs and gifs to the Belgium files:

weris2.jpg - Weris I Belgium Virgo Dolmen Capstone
weris3.jpg - Weris I Boötes Megalith
weris4.jpg - Weris I North Ecliptic Pole
weris5.jpg - Weris I West Side of Dolmen Serpens Caput to Cygnus
weris6.jpg - Weris I East Side of Dolmen Pleiades to Canis Major
weris7.jpg - Weris I Stones S SE of Dolmen Pleiades to Andromeda
weris8.gif - Weris I Dolmen Entrance Libra megalith at N North Ecliptic Pole

Please be aware that the Yahoo viewer initially decreases the size of the photos you see so that for each viewed photo you have to click "full size" [located to the right and above the terms "Send Greeting"] on the initial viewing page of the photo to get the full photo on your screen. You need not wait for the size-decreased photo to load to click to the full size.

These uploaded files represent my definitive decipherment of the megaliths, stones and gigantic dolmen at the site of Weris I in Belgium, near Durbuy and Barvaux, which as a megalithic site marks Virgo in the Neolithic survey of the Germanic regions of Europe - a site which has been dated to ca. 3000 BC by mainstream astronomers, a date which I can confirm, since the East side of the Dolmen shows the Vernal Equinox to run along the right edge of Orion.

As you can see from the photos - which include the decipherments - the Dolmen Capstone itself represents Virgo, but all of the megaliths of the Dolmen have holes for certain stars and carved
figures on them also for constellations, covering the entire heavens.

The prominent megaliths to the N and NW represent Boötes and the North Ecliptic Pole, the latter megalith of which is broken, probably intentionally by later peoples.

The megaliths to the S and SE - currently flat on the ground - represent the stars from the Pleiades and Taurus to Andromeda - including, including Cepheus, Lacerta, Cassiopeia, Perseus, Aries, and Triangulum.

THANKSGIVING MESSAGE on November 28, 2002 from Leila Child

Subj: ThanksGiving
Date: 11/28/2002 10:49:26 AM Eastern Standard Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)


I don't know if any one else has said this, Mr. Kaulins, but I'd like to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving holiday. And to say thanks for all you have done for this list.

From a very under-educated member



Dear LexiLiners, Leila, and Steve,

Thank YOU for your kind letters of ThanksGiving.

I wish the happiest of ThanksGiving to ALL LexiLine members.

LexiLine List Owner

P.S. to Leila - the only under-educated people out there are those
who are NOT members of the LexiLine list.

Monday, November 11, 2002

LexiLine Journal #91 - 2002 : Legend Rock Wyoming USA Petroglyphs



Subj: New Photos Uploaded to Legend Rock Petroglyphs Folder
Date: 11/9/2002 6:21:34 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: "Jean Buffum" <>
To: <>
Reply-To: "Jean Buffum" <>
File: Info on Legend Rock Site.doc
Sent from the Internet (Details)


I have added 18 new photos to the Legend Rock Petroglyph Folder. Lexiliners can view them Under Files; US; Wyoming; Legend Rock. File extensions on all the new photos are capitalized, i.e. ."JPG" . Photos uploaded earlier are in lower case. Be sure to check out the two photos titled horned snakes. What would it be if not an astronomical calendar? I had to use a photo editing program to highlight the horned snakes and some other features covered by shadow because they didn't show up when photos were scanned.

I also added a text file with brief info and link to State of Wyoming's official description of the site. (See attachment) Hope that's ok. If not let me know and I'll remove it.

Sorry to have taken so long to get rest of photos up. One glitch after another with my brand new computer sys. Long boring story. Finally had to wipe hard drive and reload everything. Gr-rr-r.



I have added the original attached .doc file as simple text to this e-mail below - AK.


I added a text file with the paragraph below to the Legend Rock Petroglyphs folder. The link given is to the article following the paragraph.

Official Info on Legend Rock Site

Official word says that The Legend Rock Petroglyph Site, has over250 petroglyphs. I think that's probably several hundred short of what's actual. Every time I look at the photos I see new images I'd never have noticed, had Andis not inspired me to use my eyes a little better. Some "experts" have dated ages for the glyphs at 500-1700 yrs; some put oldest at over 2000 yrs and others at around 5700 yrs. See official description of site in article titled "Hot Springs, Wyoming Listed on the National Register of Historic Places 7/5/73" at


"Hot Springs, Wyoming Listed on the National Register of Historic Places 7/5/73"

"The Legend Rock petroglyphs, figures carved or etched upon a rock surface, are seen in a series of panels on the faces of three major sandstone outcroppings near Hamilton Dome, Wyoming. The petroglyphs are significant as an irreplaceable record of many different
prehistoric cultural groups, spanning a long period from the Late Prehistoric (A.D. 500-1700) to historic times. The smooth faces of sandstone cliffs provided a natural canvas for the prehistoric
artist who used stone tools to incise figures upon them. The oldest figures represent an early hunting style found throughout the northern hemisphere and are characterized by the predominance of small, solid, realistic animals accompanied by small, linear human figures, some of which carry spears and bows. This early style is followed by several types of solid or outlined figures ranging in size from six inches to two and a half feet in length. Animals are executed with a realism and precision that indicates considerable skill and an awareness of the salient features of a large number of game animals including elk, deer, buffalo, mountain sheep (and possibly goats), bear, antelope, mountain lion, dog, rabbit, turtle, and several kinds of birds including the eagle. Human figures are represented with a unique emphasis on individualized headdresses or
hair styles.

The next petroglyph development seen at the site is of one of the most complex, symbolic, and highly stylized types found in the United States. It is characterized by creatures ranging to over four feet in size, figures with overlapping forms; figures within figures; figures with complex, interior-line designs; figures with long, attenuated necks, or with lateral appendages terminating in pincer-like forms; and vertical line figures, sometimes wearing kilts, sometimes topped by exotic, feathered headdresses. These figures fit within a general tradition found extensively in the Wind River Basin to the south, but also represent a distinctive, localized variation of possible mythical creatures which likely are associated with religious beliefs and rituals. The most recent petroglyphs relate to typical early Plains Indian hide-painting. In
one area a "V"-shouldered figure wearing a bone breastplate is seen. At another area a group of horses with long, curved necks has been rubbed upon a smooth surface high above ground level. Several yards away, above a narrow ledge, a horse with its rider carrying a large, fringed shield and lance is depicted.

The value of the petroglyphs at the Legend Rock site is considerable in terms of providing the ability to reconstruct the perceptions, experiences, values and beliefs of a number of different prehistoric cultures. The sandstone inscriptions represent one type of human communication system, a particular method of conveying information by means of symbols. These symbols permit the archaeologist to interpret, and possibly reconstruct the life lived by prehistoric

UPDATE, November 11, 2002 by Andis Kaulins

Dear Sammye,

Please file to and/or move all of your photos to the Photos file at LexiLine - otherwise our contingent of memory at the LexiLine Files will be exhausted in no time - these photos are very large files.

We will keep Files for drawings, which take much less memory. I also will be filing many of my photos to the photos File soon.

This is a solution which should keep us from exhausting our memory contingent in the near future.


what we need for Legend Rock is a map drawing showing the relative locations of all your photos one to the other. Singly, they can not be deciphered. We also require some longer-distance, i.e. more panoramic photos, showing the shape of the rocks and surrounding rocks. I continue to emphasize my conviction that the clearly intentional carved shape of many rocks is older than the images painted later on them.

Thank you for what you have already produced. This looks like a great US site.


UPDATE, November 25, 2002

Subj: Re: [LexiLine] LexiLine Filing of Photos etc.
Date: 11/24/2002 8:22:22 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: "Jean Buffum" <>
To: "Andis Kaulins" <>
Reply-To: "Jean Buffum" <>
Sent from the Internet (Details)


The Legend Rock Photos have been moved from the "Files" section to
the "Photos" section of Lexiline Newsletter and several new ones
have been added. They may be viewed by clicking on:

Photos > US > Wyoming > Legend Rock, Wyoming.



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