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Megaliths and Astronomy : Island of the Setting Sun - In Seach of Ireland's Ancient Astronomers - LexiLine Journal 527

There is a lovely book called Island of the Setting Sun - In Search of Ireland's Ancient Astronomers, by Anthony Murphy and Richard Moore about the astronomical alignments and mythic connections of Irelands ancient monuments. It is published by the Liffey Press.

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Ancestral Pueblo Anasazi Kivas Were Used for Astronomy - LexiLine Journal 526

If you are lucky enough to be near Denison University in Granville, Ohio, [not far from Columbus, Ohio] Thursday of this week, go there, as Jim Krehbiel will deliver an illustrated lecture about his work from 7 to 9 p.m. Thursday at Slater Hall Auditorium on the campus of Denison University in Granville.

Information via
Sacred studies : Ohio Wesleyan art professor uncovers celestial connection in desert Southwest, a November 1, 2009 article by Doug Caruso at THE COLUMBUS DISPATCH. Read the whole article. Here is my summary with a link to the important illustration:

Two Ohio Wesleyan professors have greatly furthered the cause of our decades-long megalithic research by confirming what I have always argued about the ancient megaliths and such megalithic sites as the Malta Temples. They are all astronomy, here on the example of the Anasazi (Ancestral Pueblo) Kivas, as proven by Jim Krehbiel, head of the Ohio Wesleyan University Art Department, together with Barbara Andereck, a professor of astronomy and physics at Ohio Wesleyan and one of her students, Natalie Cunningham, who did important calculations. Here is what they have discovered about the Kivas as astronomical observatories, using stone formations as lines of sight:

source of the ilustration at

Monday, November 02, 2009

Tsunami due to Santorini Eruption [1627 B.C. by LexiLine Journal Calculations] - LexiLine Journal 525

Below is the Abstract to an article published in the October issue of GEOLOGY .
doi: 10.1130/G25704A.1 Geology October 2009 v. 37 no. 10 p. 943-946:

"Tsunami waves generated by the Santorini eruption reached Eastern Mediterranean shores

1. Beverly N. Goodman-Tchernov1,2,
2. Hendrik W. Dey3,
3. Eduard G. Reinhardt4,
4. Floyd McCoy5 and
5. Yossi Mart6

+ Author Affiliations

1Leon Charney School of Marine Sciences, Haifa University, Haifa, Israel
2Interuniversity Institute for Marine Sciences, Coral Beach, Eilat, Israel
3Department of Art, Hunter College, New York, New York 10065, USA
4School of Geography and Earth Sciences, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario ON L8S, Canada
5Geology and Geophysics, University of Hawaii-Windward, Kaneohe, Hawaii 96744, USA, and American School of Classical Studies at Athens, Greece
6Recanati School of Maritime Studies, Haifa University, Haifa, Israel


A sedimentary deposit on the continental shelf off Caesarea Maritima, Israel, is identified, dated, and attributed to tsunami waves produced during the Late Bronze Age (ca. 1630�"1550 B.C.E.) eruption of Santorini, Greece. The sheet-like deposit was found as a layer as much as 40 cm thick in four cores collected from 10 to 20 m water depths. Particle-size distribution, planar bedding, shell taphoecoensis, dating (radiocarbon, optically stimulated luminescence, and pottery), and comparison of the horizon to more recent tsunamigenic layers distinguish it from normal storm and typical marine conditions across a wide (>1 km2) lateral area. The presence of this deposit is evidence that tsunami waves from the Santorini eruption radiated throughout the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, affecting the coastal people living there. Dates for the tsunami deposit bracket both the so-called “high” and “low” chronology for the Santorini eruption. In addition to resolving the question of the extent of tsunami impact from the Santorini eruption, the research presented also provides a new means of discovering, identifying, and studying continuous records of paleotsunami deposits in the upper shelf coastal environment. The latter is key to understanding past events, better interpreting sedimentological records, and creating stronger models for understanding tsunami propagation, coastal management, and hazard preparation worldwide.

o Received 25 November 2008."
o Revision received 27 May 2009.
o Accepted 27 May 2009.

* © 2009 Geological Society of America"

Obviously, "evidence" of this tsunami would therefore be found in ancient sources and the parting of the waves during the Hebrew "Exodus" is the most likely candidate.

Walter (polestar101) wrote:

Many years ago I had suggested to my students the remote possibility
that Moses' famous "parting of the sea" might have been due to the explosion on
Thera – so I chuckled when I saw your mention of the possibility. Of course such
a belief requires quite a bit of selective "mything", and a location other than
the Red Sea (sea of reeds?). If it really happened when Moses raised his hands
and called the Lord – that is one heck of a coincidence! It is easier to believe
that Moses was an avatar that commanded the elements than accept the idea that
his timing was so fortuitous! Just think, if he tried to cross on any other day
there would likely be no Israelites in Palestine today and the whole history of
the Middle East would be different.

Andis Kaulins replied:

There is no doubt that the "sea of reeds" was Fayyum. The idea that the Red Sea
was involved in the Exodus is a "myth" erroneously propounded by clueless
mainstream archaeologists and equally confounded Biblical scholars having zero
idea what they were or are talking about. I wish a gigantic wastebasket existed
into which all of that kind of "Biblical scholarship" could be tossed to free
the world of such nonsense. 99% of what the theologians, religious fanatics and
related disciplines have written about the Bible and similar religious works is
just the worst kind of superstitious, non-critical babble - pure veritably
retarded junk. Those of us who still command our intellect can only look at the
world aghast at the existing religious idiocies, which dominate the daily news.

I am also perplexed as to why people perist on taking Biblical "prophecies" so
literally. It is quite clear throughout the Bible that important events - AFTER
THE FACT OF THEIR OCCURRENCE - were ascribed to prophecies allegedly made prior
to event by sages later trying to obtain maximal personal marketing value out of
the events described. Moroever, many historical events were embellished, as they
still are today, to include natural disasters or other events that happened in
the same or nearly contemporaneous time period. There is a whole field of
cognitive psychology devoted to what man remembers, why and how he does so,
etc., but you can be sure that the word cognition is a foreign concept to most
people in this field.

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