Monday, August 30, 2004

Neanderthals in Northern Europe and the False Dating of Skulls and Skeletons - LexiLine Journal 299

As reported in the Telegraph by Tony Paterson in Berlin in the August 22, 2004 article
Neanderthal Man 'never walked in northern Europe', the entire dating and modern view of the Stone Age will have to be rewritten due to erroneous dating of skeletons and skulls in Germany.

The dating of many of these ancient skulls and skeletons has recently been checked by the Oxford University carbon dating laboratory and found to be greatly in error. For example, the skeletons at Hahnofersand, near Hamburg, thought up to now to be 36,000 years old are only about 7,500 years old. Other examples are given in the article.

Here again we have evidence that blind - non-critical - adherence to the established chronology and history of mainstream science is just simple idiocy.

Sunday, August 29, 2004

History of Israel - David and Solomon - LexiLine Journal 298

In an August 13, 2004 Forward Newspaper Online article at by David Hazony entitled "Digging Up the Bible", the head of the Tel Aviv University school of archaeology, Israel Finkelstein, is quoted as saying that King David and King Solomon were not kings at all but only poor hill-country chieftains and that the fabled Jerusalem was a poor village. With historical academic incompetents like this in their midst, Israel needs no enemies.

As can be read in the pages of Lexiline,

King David was Sethos I of Egypt and King Solomon was Ramses II.

What Finkelstein is quoted as saying is pure nonsense - a theory based on nothing.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Jordan Tall Al-Umayri Megaliths Deciphered as Astronomy - LexiLine Journal 297

For the first time, I have now been able to decipher one of the megalithic sites of the region of Israel and Jordan, in this case, the megaliths of the Jordanian Temple at Tall Al-Umayri, Madaba Plains (Ma'daba), Jordan, south of Amman and east of Jerusalem.

The decipherment is uploaded to our LexiLine files at to the new directory "Jordan" as the file tallalumayri.png [the graphic below]:

The Daily Star of August 5, 2004, carries an article by Larry G. Herr entitled "3500-year-old Bronze Age temple discovered in Jordan". Larry G. Herr is Prof. of Archaeology, Canadian University College, Alberta, Canada and together with Douglas R. Clark, Exec. Director, American Schools of Oriental Research, Boston, directs the Madaba Plains Project.

This project, together with the Jordan Department of Antiquities, headed by Director-General, Fawwaz al-Khraysheh, has found a temple at Tall Al-Umayri which contains a shrine of megaliths built into an ancient wall.

The temple consists of four rooms, with the megaliths being found in the largest room. The megaliths (obviously to symbolize the heavens) tower 3 meters above the heads of the temple excavators. see

The archaeologists have dated the temple to 1500 BC. I do not know what their basis for this dating is - but my decipherment of the megaliths indicates that these stones as cupmarked may date to ca. 3117 BC.

If the walls are indeed more recent, then the original - older - megaliths were integrated into the walls of the temple many years later than their original creation.

The megaliths are carved and also have cupmarks, especially the middle large round megalithic stone, which appears to have the stars of Andromeda cupmarked on it.

To the left we find what I identify provisionally as the stars of Perseus, the Pleiades and Aries, with Taurus carved on the adjacent wall.

To the right we find possibly Lacerta, Pegasus, and Aquarius.

Above, the wall marks the Milky Way, Cassiopeia, and Cepheus.

Below we find the clear shapes of fish for Pisces and a large whale for Cetus including an apparent marking of the South Galactic Pole near Phoenix.

In the astronomical survey of the fertile crescent, we thus find - provisionally - that Jordan apparently marked Andromeda, as evidenced by the large prominent stone in the temple - the one with the stars of Andromeda cupmarked on it.

JORDAn is a name said to derive from Hebrew YARAD meaning "descend" or "flow down" and thus originally surely applied to the River Jordan.

We find the ancient Arabic name al 'ARD for Andromeda to be possibly related to JORDan (see Richard Hinckley Allen, Star Names, p. 36).

Perhaps this is origin of the astronomical line marked here at Andromeda as al RISHA, the band of the fish, which was called ARIT in Egypt, according to Renouf, an identification supported by the later Coptic ARTulosia, which referred to the moon station at Alpheratz in that same constellation Andromeda.

All of those terms are similar matching the geography to astronomy in the hermetic system.

It is thus perhaps no accident and rather the product of many thousands of years of tradition that the Madaba Mosaic Map from Madaba, Jordan (ca. 6th-7th cent. A.D.), though partially destroyed, is regarded to be one of the best ancient maps of Biblical lands.


Update: August 12, 2004, 10:04 a.m.

Re: 52 LexiLine Newsletter 2004 Jordan Tall Al-Umayri Megaliths Deciphered

Please note that what we see at Tall Al-Umayri, i.e. the inclusion
and incorporation of more ancient megaliths in what is apparently a
more modern temple construction, is precisely what I alleged also
occurred in the building of the Great Pyramids of Gizeh in that the
secret chamber of the Cheops pyramid may incorporate more ancient
megaliths originally standing at or near that location ....

See my discussion of the Cheops secret chamber (recently opened) ...

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