Friday, February 18, 2005

A Remarkable Message on History from Joyce Potter - LexiLine Journal 333

A Remarkable Message on History

I just received this remarkable message - which may not even have been intended for me - as a comment to the LexiLine website and I am passing it on to you:

_____________________ The Message starts here

"Dear Giordano,

I just had to write.

It is one thing to feel the truth, and it is another to find it.

In my quest, search of a feeling that has hung over me since
childhood. I find myself reading your writing, all because what I
felt and what was taught to me, didn't feel right.

I do believe that the Bible is a book of many mysteries. I can see
why it was needed. For each of the stories that were handed down, or
written down, has a common sense to them. I don't hang on each word.
I look at it as a connection to our past, our history and through
reading it, a connection to the struggle mankind has in finding the
meaning to life and his connection to the Universe and Creation

I also believe that there is a Divine connection, a Holy Spirit, that
connects not only us to It, but us to each other. Raised in a
Christian Church, I was 3 years old when taught the stories of Jesus.
Even today, I think of Him as being the son of God. Not in the sense
that we are all son's of God, but as the Bible says.

Yet, some of the other parts of the Bible I found incomplete, and
confusing and when I used to ask questions, I always got the answer,
this is what it says. And that was that. I was never allowed to go
past the written word. Yet I knew that a man wrote it, and that many
men had a hand it rewriting it, that it bothered me.

I have watched television programs on how these texts were found, how
they were handed around, how they were in pieces and someone had to
fit the pieces in the order in which the Book was completed. I had
heard that some things were kept out for one reason or the other and
that with all the knowledge out there, the mystery of the text has
really never been solved.

My Faith, did not come to me from a book, yet the Bible to me was
like a piece to the puzzle. It is true, that in all my searching and
reading and exploring and research, I always seem to come back to my
feelings, that which says, God is good. God is alive and well. And
that He, the Spirit, the Creator did not only send His son to help
guide us to perfection, but that He loved us so much that He is
working with us daily to help direct us in the right direction so
that we would indeed not only enjoy all that He created, but each

I am disappointed in what mankind has done with the knowledge that it
has received. I am at a loss to understand why humans do not get it.
Knowing that we are one, the human race, and knowing that we have a
world of wonder to explore and a change to not only help each other
but to also be aware that we should be the care takers. We were given
the tools.

God has tried to teach us how we can do that and some of us did
understand, or we would not be here today.

First we should not only be caring of ourselves, family, but also
taking care of others our extended family. That the act of reaching
out and taking someone's hand is an act of God. And mankind in
history seems to have gone astray in that which was taught oh so many
years ago.

Kindness breeds kindness, and Love breeds love. It has always been

It is clear that God loves, I can see it daily, in all that He
created. And the miracle of life itself. In the innocence of
children, their pure view on life and each other. God's Spirit dwells
here, and we are connected.

It is clear by the artifacts of the First Dynasty, that their minds
were on building a family. Learning how to take care of themselves,
enjoying not only the fruits of their labor, which shows in the care
they took in decorating their dishes and building their homes. They
were not the barbarians that some scientist claim, but were indeed
intelligent and knowledgeable people. In my view, maybe they didn't
take so much for granted. Each lesson that they learned, was not
something they could just toss aside, it was a life lesson, which
they clearly passed down from one generation to another.

You talk about how long the first Kings lived. Many of today would
scoff at that. But from what I have read they can not tell you how
long a dinosaur lived. They simply refer to their life span as Long.
We know from simple science, that if we had perfect conditions, our
life span would easily exceed over 100, even today. Our life span
could also be the mixing or should I say deluding the gene pool.
They have proven that if one marries into the same blood line over
and over again, their bodies are weakened, there immune system is
fragile and that in some cases, do not live long. It has also been
proven that if your parents, grandparents all lived to a ripe old
age, it is very possible that you do as well. They seem to think the
make up of cells in the body and the DNA of a person, has a lot to do
with his or her life span.

If you are born of sickly people and for generations they all seem to
have one ailment after the other, than it is likely that you could
also be one who has illness.

And if what you say, that the conditions back then were different
than now, meaning the things that affect us now, was not affecting
them then, than of course they could easily have lived a Long life.
(no junk food) LOC

Not to get too far off the beaten path. I believe that we indeed have
been here long before any records were kept. I also believe that in
the early times, we were not of the animal type people they portray
in the museums, but on the contrary, were very intelligent and we
lived a life of some ease.

In other words we were one with the earth and our needs and was one
with God. You can see with the writings that we have found, that God
plays a big part in our minds since the beginning and the way we
lived our lives. We were more aware in the ancient past of His
presents than some of us are today.

I feel that through time, things we feared those things we did not
understand, such as floods, earthquakes, etc. That fear caused us to
believe that God had punished us. Which indeed He did not. But with
our own guilt of not doing what we felt was right, we accepted and
insisted that we were being punished by something higher than

How I know that is not fact, is that I too am a Mother, Grandmother.
And though I am but a grain of sand, one of the many, I have the
ability to love and with all the emotions that has been given man, I
have felt them.

Also knowing that I am really not important when it comes to the
Universe, you would think that I didn't count. But indeed I do. Like
a piece of a chain, I am one of the links from the past to the

I could in no way hurt my children nor grandchildren nor relative no
friend nor neighbor nor stranger. It is not in me to do. And if I,
just another pebble on the beach feels this way. That is proof enough
for me to know that God who is INDEED is more than I, can LOVE so
much more than I could comprehend. And we are indeed His children.

When science refers to how the world was formed, they too say, that
there was a Universe first, than planets, than each planet took form
and so on and so forth until some unknown factor, life began.

Well I am not a scientist, but even with my meager eye, I can see a
balance to the Universe, how it functions and it is clear to me, that
there is a Divine balance to life and to all that is in the world.

Where we run into problems, is the actions of mankind. With out
taking consideration for each other and the power of the Universe
itself, we do not think clearly when we do things. We do not take the
time to consider the alternatives of our actions. We blindly go where
we know is a place that is in constant flux, change and we know could
harm us, yet we go. And we don't pay attention to the signs, like
they had to in the times of Old.

As we are alive, so is the planet. It breathes, moves, and the forces
such as water, wind, atmosphere, and so many other factors stop
working, it would die. Just as we would die if our heart stopped.

There are many parts to us that are important, as is there in all
things. If any one of those parts breaks down, things just do not
function as they need to do.

The difference between humans and the planet and the creatures and
other life, is that we make choices. We can rationalize, create and
change our environment and with some reason and wisdom, we could be
all those things that we need to be. There is no other life on earth
that can do that. Most of life is controlled by instinct, by habit
and by the Divine force of balance.

A dog will not kill itself, nor a tree, nor a bird. Water, such as
the ocean and rivers, we could not live with out them, they are part
of the perfection of life on earth, part of the balance. And yet, a
river can not say, I will flow this way today, and that way tomorrow.
Same goes for all life, except man. For we can decide not only to
take life, but also to create it when we choose too. We are not set
to any rules, except those we make for ourselves.

Knowing of God's love, it is clear that He indeed made us with all
the perfections that we needed to survive and to flourish in this
world. And what is even nicer, is that He understood, that it took a
man and a woman to create a child. And in His wisdom, the child is
given the love and nourishment of the parents, till it is old enough
to take care of its self. And the gift to the parents, is the chance
to know the love that it takes to care for a child, teaching us right
off, what it takes to love and to care and nourish another. It is
the first truth, the first sign of God, and of His love for us. A
basic lesson, yet many take it for granted or abuse it.
I have heard many times that the closest that a person gets to
knowing the love of God, is in the eyes of a child.

I would like to go on with my quest, and have one question, since you
have gone to the trouble to say that in the first Dynasty that the
first king lived 28,000 years, [note: this was not claimed by me,
there is some confusion here about the dates, but that is not really
important here] what date would you put to that, that I would
understand. I have gone from one book to the other and from on web
site to the other, and no one seems to have the same dates for anyone.

It is rare to find anyone who would agree with anyone else. So I know
this is a hard question to answer. Is there any studies on this. Have
they found other items and are they still doing research in the area.
What is your best guess?

And for my long letter, forgive me. It was in me to write, and I did
so. It is my longing to share my feelings and set them down to words.
Which is really hard. I do not have the feeling of dooms day for the
planet. No indeed not. I have a beautiful feeling about the future of

I have seen in my life, not only people of different faiths, colors,
likes and dislikes, come together and be friends, but also countries
and rulers of countries also come together in time of need. In the
history of mankind, we know more now about who we are, and our past,
and who other's are. We know that to live in peace, we must first
educate ourselves enough to learn compassion, kindness, forgiveness
and to care for others. It is only when we can make sure that there
is someone for everyone, meaning, if someone needs food, feed them,
if they need shelter, house them and if they need help, help them.
For until we understand that God is not a word, but a Divine Spirit,
that can help us in all things, and that His Love, not the word, but
the action of what it is, will we find peace with our selves and
peace with in the world, and that peace with in our souls, that
connection with God. What I get a kick out of is that Love can be
given away over and over and over, again and again and again, and
yet, there is always more to give, for God keeps you filled.

Love (the action) and Prayer (one of the connections), is very

Respectfully, joyce potter"

_____________ End of Message

Distribution of Human Skin Color Geographically - LexiLine Journal 332

I received an e-mail asking me about how human beings derived their varied skin coloring in the course of the history of humanity.

A good webpage on this question is found at

at the excellent website

as created and maintained by Dr. Dennis O'Neil, Behavioral Sciences Department, Palomar College, San Marcos, California.

The site has some fine material, e.g. a world map which gives a nice overview.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Writing Origins : From Danube Scripts to Egyptian Djer Tablets - Decipherments Show the Origins of Writing in Astronomy - LexiLine Journal 331

Writing Origins!

This is one my most important postings ever because it is an important step forward in resolving the question of the origin of human writing.

I have been able to decipher several of the Balkan Danube Scripts (ca. 4000-3000 BC) from Transylvania (Romania), Karanovo (Bulgaria) and from Thracian Greece as astronomy. In addition, I have been able to decipher the Djer wooden and ivory tablets from Abydos and Saqqara (ca. 3000 BC) - also as astronomy. In my view, this resolves the question of the origin of Pharaonic writing - it derives from what are today called the Danube Scripts, whatever their provenance may be.

To a newly created LexiLine File "Danube Scripts Deciphered" at
I have uploaded

danubescript.png [the graphic below]
(Danube Script from Transylvania deciphered as astronomy, ca. 4000 BC)

karanovo.png [the graphic below]
(Karanovo Planisphere newly deciphered - I originally dated this to
5600 BC but correct is ca. 3000 BC)

lepenskivir.png [the graphic below]
(Lepenski Vir Circular Planisphere Deciphered dating to ca. 4000 BC)

dikilitash.png [the graphic below]
(Thracian Greek Spindle Whorl from Dikili Tash Deciphered as
Astronomy ca. 3750 BC)

danubekaro.png [the graphic below]
(Comparison of Danube Script and Karanovo Planisphere Decipherments)

lepenskidanube.png [the graphic below]
(Comparison of Lepenski Vir Script and Danube Script Decipherments)

and to the LexiLine Egypt files at
I have uploaded

djer2.png [the graphic below]

deciphering the Wooden Tablet of Djer (from Saqqara) and the Ivory Tablet of Djer (from Abydos).

Those two decipherments I made already in 2002 but had not yet posted. Sometimes I make these decipherments and then they are simply forgotten on the hard disk. But I think that a posting now fits in well with the Danube Script decipherments.

As one can easily see from the similar symbols, the scripts undeniably have the same origin, as the style of the symbols is the same, only that the corpus of symbols has been expanded on the Djer tablets and of course this expansion continued from there on into the development of hieroglyphic writing in Pharaonic Egypt.

These results confirm the ceramics analysis I have previously made about the similarity of Dnieper, Dniester, Danube and Pharaonic pottery, with an exact ceramic match between the Boian Culture, and Sumerian and Pharaonic Egypt. See How anyone can fail to see the obvious relationship is beyond my understanding.

The Danube Script and the Hieroglyphic Writing of Egypt as found in rudimentary form on the Djer Tablets have NOTHING to do with token counting in Mesopotamia. Zero. I go into this more deeply below.

My attention to the Danube Scripts came through snail mail from a friend who sent me a past article on the history of writing as published in a German newspaper (Ulli Kulke, "Es begann mit der Sintflut", Fueilleton, Die Welt, October 10, 2003).

That article cites to two books by Harald Haarmann: 1) Geschichte der Schrift [The History of Writing] and 2) Geschichte der Sintflut - Auf den Spuren der frühen Zivilisation [The History of the Flood - On the Track of Early Civilization], both published by C.H. Beck in Munich.

Haarmann reports that dendrochronological dating of artefacts has shown that the Danube Script, which has been known for decades,


is generally becoming to be known as the oldest human writing, in spite of resistance by the "Mesopotamianists" who wish to attach the title of "Mother of all Scripts" to Iraq and to the previous Sumerian culture once extant there.

The Danube script originates in Europe and not the Middle East (see the map at

There is considerable controversy on this matter.

As written at the Wikipedia under "Writing" at
"The first examples of writing are probably cave drawings, most famously found in France. Even these proto-languages show significant structure. The first examples of structured linear writing have been found in the lower Danube Valley and date from around 5000 BC. The first examples of Sumerian writing in Mesopotamia date from around 4000 BC...."
What my new decipherments show is that (at least these) Danubian symbols are astronomical, raising the interesting issue of whether writing developed from astronomical symbols - as appears to be case - rather than from signs for counting, which is a disputed theory
propagated by Denise Schmandt-Besserat

It is in fact quite clear from the evidence that I have now presented that the hieroglyphs of Egypt developed from early pictorial signs as found on the Danube Scripts and not from counting tokens.

One MUST compare the ivory and wooden tablets of Djer I have uploaded to the Danube Scripts I have uploaded.

Maria Carmela Betrò writes that the first specimens of Sumerian writing are basically pictographic (pictorial writing)...."
and are not tokens. See also

Accordingly, I grant the token theory no credence and find that we have presented very persuasive evidence here that Pharaonic Egyptian hieroglyphic writing developed out of what are today called the Danube Scripts. The initial use of these symbols, as I have clearly demonstrated in my decipherments, was for astronomy.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Merlin's Grave - Drumelzier Haugh - Represents Taurus Orion Astronomically - LexiLine Journal 330

I received an interesting inquiry from a reader regarding Drumelzier Haugh on the Tweed River near Broughton, southwest of Peebles and not far from Tinnis Castle.

The inquiry involves a prophecy allegedly given by the Scots seer, Thomas the Rhymer, in the 13th century, which goes like this.
"Whan Twede and Pausail meet at Merlin's Grave,
Scotlande and Englande sall ain King have."
For more on Merlin, see where Merlin's twin sister is "the dawn" and his early love "the gleam".

The reader writes:

"Legend has it that on the night of 24th March 1603, the Powsail Burn burst her banks and flowed into the River Tweed at Drumelzier. On the same night Elizabeth I, Queen of England, died without issue and the English throne fell to James VI, King of Scots, who thereafter fashioned himself King of Great Britain ("We hate it." said the
Scots. "We hate it." said the English). The trouble being, I cannot locate the Powsail Burn on any maps and have come to the conclusion that it may have dried up a long time ago. Drumelzier, being surrounded by hills, is a natural suntrap, so a river drying up would not surprise me."
Here are my thoughts on this matter.

That the ancient legends have an astronomical basis is suggested by the quoted date for the Powsail Burn's overflowing her banks, 24th March, i.e. the Vernal Equinox. It would not bring any fruit to pay attention to the year - the "folk" have a habit of taking ancient legends and adapting them to newer events (cognitive psychology has a lot to say about this in terms of how humans remember and order past "events").

The Vernal Equinox date of legend corresponds to my decipherment of the Drumelzier megalith, as corresponding to a line running vertically between Orion and Taurus as the Colure of the Vernal Equinox in ca. 3117 BC., my cardinal date for the megalithic system. See

A legend quoted at Ancient Stones is also astronomical in foundation. It is written there:
"The following legend has also been found in connection with this location. Merlin was converted to Christianity by St Kentigern at the alter-stone a large block of rock opposite Altarstone Farm in the parish of Stobo. The following day Merlin met a strange three fold death, as he had already prophesied. He was stoned by local shepherds, slipped down the banks of the Tweed and impaled himself on stakes used to secure fish traps. He drowned as the river unexpectantly rose and his head fell below the water level."
What is being described by that legend (in my opinion) is the successive setting of stars (beneath the horizon) affiliated with Orion (here Orion = Merlin) beginning with the Pleiades (the stones of the shepherds), followed by the star cluster of the Hyades in Taurus, which have always been affiliated with water and the portent of floods and storms - in my view because their setting portends the subsequent coming and horizon setting of the Milky Way - the river of heaven - at the horizon. Taurus forms the stakes of the fish trap, as its top stars rest right on the edge of the Milky Way, forming a kind of funnel trap, as it were, for any fish in that Milky Way. During this successive setting of the stars of Taurus, we also find Orion setting, starting at his feet and legs. When the end stars of Taurus at the Milky Way have set, the torso of Orion has also set, but not
the head. The drowning of Merlin (Orion) then occurs when Orion's head - regardless of however this is identified in the stars - then also sets and is drowned by the Milky Way.

A movable planisphere available in bookstores shows how this happens.

Note that all of these things support my decipherment of the Drumelzier stone, which marks stars below Taurus and between Taurus and Orion.

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