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Gobekli Tepe Decipherment Dating Exhibition & Videos - - LexiLine Journal 523

I am still working on my formal write-up of my Gobekli Tepe decipherment which will show that Göbekli Tepe is astronomical in nature and oriented to the stars ca. 3800 B.C.

I conclude that this location near Urfa is where the Hebrew Calendar began. Gobekli Tepe is only 12 kilometers (about 7.5 miles) from Urfa (currently called Sanliurfa or Edessa), the legendary birthplace of the Biblical Abraham, and only 38 kilometers (23.75 miles) from his later residence at Haran. (see Am Anfang war Anatolien)

I initially dated the installation of the standing stones by what I have deciphered to be the relief depiction of the appearance of Halley's Comet on one of the stones, which by its location on that stone can only be ca. 3800 B.C.

The date assigned to these megaliths (allegedly 11000 years old) by some of the mainstream archaeologists is woefully wrong and based on the wishful thinking of many of these mainstream archaeologists generally in search of fame and fortune who always seem to find "an older yet" archaeological site, i.e. it is a self-fulfilling prophecy which subliminally creeps into the dating process and skews the accurate interpretation of the data.

The faulty chronological assessment of Gobekli Tepe is based on some questionable radiocarbon dating and equally gullible comparative dating of stone tools found at or near the site similar to other falsely dated stone tools found at another site - chronological devices which are simply fantasy stretches at best. Because no pots or grains have been found at the site, it is illogically presumed to predate their development - sort of like finding a modern ruin in Death Valley - where also no pots or grains will be found.

As correctly written online by Omar W. Rosales in a comment at the Smithsonian Magazine online:
"... you still need independent verification of the age of the burial site. It mentions that stone implements (whether they are flint, or knives, or whatever) resemble those found in another site, where the artifacts in the other site radiocarbon date to 11000 B.C. Okay, so how does prove that Gobekli Tepe dates around 11000 B.C.? If there are wood fragments, pottery shards, or some other type of carbon-based item at Gobekli, then test these to establish the date. Although undiscovered sites with monumental architecture probably pre-date our discovered (and well-known) archaeological sites, you still need to independently verify the dates. - Omar W. Rosales J.D. http://www.elementalshaman.com
In the interim Gwynneth Anderson has a standard-type posting at the Examiner titled
Göbekli Tepe: Standing stones from humanity's oldest temple - including a YouTube video (the chanting music may not be everyone's taste), but the archaeologists have no insight as to the purpose of this megalithic site, as might be expected. Really, they have no clue.

There are now several Gobekli Tepe videos availabe on YouTube:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XmSIG4qV2Sg&feature=related (in German language - Göbekli Tepe Stelenscan)
Göbekli Tepe I (in German)
Göbekli Tepe II (in German)
Göbekli Tepe Official Website (very poor)
Deutsches Archäologisches Institut (official Göbekli Tepe site of the German Archaeological Institute)

I have ordered Klaus Schmidt's book (only available in German) and hope it is better than the dearth of quality information available online:

Sie bauten die ersten Tempel: Das rätselhafte Heiligtum der Steinzeitjäger (Gebundene Ausgabe) von Klaus Schmidt (Autor)


Gilbert de Jong has some ideas on Halley's Comet and ancient sites. I do not agree with many of his conclusions, but I do agree that the ancients paid much more attention to Halley's Comet than we give them credit for.

Below is our correspondence - published with permission:

"Hi Andis,


I have seen the moving tail on the stones also (if that is the reference you refer to). Although I have an idea what went on Gobleki Tepe and other sites

Gilbert de Jong


Hi Gilbert,

I am very sympathetic to your approach because of a discovery I have made at Gobekli Tepe,
where I think one of the stones marks Halley's Comet.
Are you in agreement that I publish all of your emails below to the following site
We have about 450 members. Feel free to join.
It will give your idea more publicity.
I of course do not agree with you in all particulars, but I do agree that Halley's Comet was important throughout ancient eras.

> Hello Andis,
> Almost two years ago I begot this e-mail from you. I invite you to an
> article involving Halley's Comet and which has been published recently on
> Newgrange.com
> The Irish/English people seem to have known that Halley's Comet returned
> long before 3100 BC. In fact we can notice in Lascaux cave that horse manes
> (the comet's hairy tail) and the Bulls horns (iontails) were metaphors of
> Halley's Comet already in 14.000 BC (see the last image on the article)
> I have received some enthusiastic response to the idea that Halley's Comet
> is related to ancient religion far, far before the birth of Christ and have
> been spread worldwide (even the Maya's as you have noticed!) and finally led
> to the construction of the Giza pyramids (the triad of April 18 2647 BC of
> Reguls, Saturn and Jupiter in Leo)
> So, if you have time:
> http://www.newgrange.com/halleys-comet.htm
> Kind regards,
> Gilbert de Jong

> Hello Gilbert,
> Thank you for your kind comments and material, but I work mostly alone on my
> research and have almost no time for correspondence, so I will not be able
> to continue this e-mail exchange.
> However, if this matter interests you enough, consider joining our History
> of Civilization Newsletter Group at
> http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/LexiLine/
> There is no question but that Halley's Comet is important in ancient
> astronomy and has been somewhat neglected by the scholars. However,
> calculating when Halley appeared in ancient times is very difficult since
> the orbital period can vary substantially from 76 years.
> I have written about Halley's Comet at
> http://www.lexiline.com/lexiline/lexi75.htm
> Andis

> >
> >Hi Andis,
> >
> >Every time I try to find something that interests me your name is popping
> >up. I might have a clue to ancient Egyptian 'knowledge' that might interest
> >you. So I decided to drop you a few lines. You are an educated man and I
> >hope you'll appreciate a small hint to the King of Heavens. I appreciate
> >(and appreciation is hard to get these days, don't you think?) your work
> >very much.
> >
> >I have been interested in ancient cultures for the last ten years. I have
> >visited Peru (Nazca) and Bolivia (El Fuerte, Samaipata), China, Crete,
> >Egypt, Stonehenge, and I have my own theory on the source of civilization
> >of
> >men. Mmm, well I expected some kind of relation but I at that time I didn't
> >figure out what it was. I thought it had something to do with the
> >(heliacal)
> >appearances of Venus. I was wrong. It took me about 9 years to find out
> >that
> >I was wrong using Starry Night Pro as reference. Now I think might have
> >found the universal source that unites them. (Well, unites)
> >
> >You are so close but there is one part of the story that was so important
> >to
> >our ancestors, to their beliefs, to their Faith. They made sacrifices to
> >it.
> >Smashed in heads. Buried elephants in honour (Hierakonpolis) of this event.
> >
> >It came with fire, like a serpent, a snake, a scorpion's tail, a spear, an
> >arrow. It came from the black (KM/Kem). It came from a distant place (.T).
> >It came from the Universe (KM.T/Kemet)
> >
> >If elephants are mice to whom are they offered? Egyptian answer: it must be
> >an enormous and sacred Cobra.
> >
> >So where do we find sacred cobra's in Egypt? Well, some kings carry them on
> >their foreheads. They are named: Uraeus (and they spit fire too)
> >
> >What about the pyramids in Giza. They were in honor of Jupiter (according
> >Herodotus) and he was right. But actually they were in honor of the King of
> >Heaven who returned every, lets say 75/76 years.
> >
> >Proof? Well, yes there is. They idea behind it is very simple, very
> >convincing. In the night, morning and/or evening they saw a comet. We still
> >do. But in ancient times it was more impressive. In fact references to the
> >time of the Babylonians and the Chinese still exist. References that state
> >that 'Kometes, Greece' looked like horns, antlers still exist. In Peru
> >(Nazca) they saw it as a catlike animal with an atlatl that threw a spear
> >towards earth (Helaine Silverman: Cahuachi). In the Olmec period, hundreds
> >of years before, they looked at it the same way (Izapa). The hences of
> >Britain seem to have been built and adjusted when the King of Heavens
> >(China) appeared.
> >
> >So if the perihelion dates of the return of Halley's Comet would have been
> >calculated by some astronomer; we would be able to see if the position of
> >planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter), in the weeks before or
> >after the perihelion, would match the place in heavens that the chronicles
> >(or legends) gave us. So: visibility of the comet>the position of planets
> >in
> >the constellations or at transit positions>might have inspired 'the
> >ancients' to built monuments in honor of the King of Heaven (Halley's
> >Comet).
> >
> >They did. They left us the Giza pyramids (well, they started with king
> >Menes), they left us Stonehenge (although they started much earlier), they
> >left us the Nasca cultures (= which means 'being born") based on earlier
> >coastal cultures as Caral, they left us Huanacauri>El Fuerte (Samaipata)
> >the
> >start of the Inca empire, they left as Sumeria (with the ziqqurats), they
> >left us India (Ganges cultures with the sacred Cow (>horns/antlers) and
> >China.
> >
> >In fact in my opinion sun or moon eclipses are not the answer to the start
> >of the Egyptian or Mayan calendar. They can't be because eclipses can be
> >watched only locally. If an eclipse occurs in Egypt it won't be seen in
> >Peru. There is no proof that there has been a relation between Peru and
> >Egypt in the time of the Pharoahs. If we accept the fact, as you propose,
> >that Egyptian and Mayan calendars start at the same date than we must admit
> >that something (astronomically) more important was going on. Some event
> >that
> >could have been watched on both continents.
> >
> >This event occurs every 75/76 years: the apparition or visibility of Comet
> >Halley. The appearances of Halley's Comet seem to have been watched in
> >Egypt
> >(as a giant snake) together with the (parallel) heliacal appearance of two
> >planets (two bright eyes) in the morning from very remote times.
> >
> >Well, I think both astronomical circumstances (the calculation of the
> >visibility (near perihelion) of Halley's Comet are checkable and the
> >parallel heliacal rising of two planets are checkable) for 25/26 December
> >3117 BC. I think this would make up the ultimate connection between China,
> >Peru, Europe and Africa. Because they would have seen the giant snake
> >circling around Leo's head in the morning at the same time two planets had
> >their parallel heliacal appearance.
> >
> >I would like to discuss this topic more if you are interested,
> >
> >Kind regards,
> >
> >Gilbert.
J. de Jong

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