Saturday, January 08, 2011

The Origins of Writing and the Alphabet as a Derivation from Syllabic Script - 7 - LEXILINE JOURNAL 559

[In amended form later published as a book under the title Ancient Signs
Right now, prior to the presentation of the syllabic grid, it is sufficient to know that an Elamite connection may not be as far-fetched as it may appear at first glance. To that purpose, the following rock carving on a cliff in Elam is illustrative.

An Ancient Rock Carving of Elamite [6] Royalty Suggests a Western Element

The Elamite connection to Crete and to Minoan culture is more easily understood when one has more fundamental knowledge of things such as the ancient rock drawings of Elam, which show early Elamites in dress different than other inhabitants of this region. There is a distinct "Western" look, with women given equal standing on monuments, an equal standing also found in antiquity on Crete artefacts, in early Greek culture and even on early Dynastic Pharaonic Egyptian monuments, but for all purposes lacking in the ancient cultures of the Ancient Near East.

[6] This photograph was found at where it is written "Ayapir - Izeh, Khozestan. Originally called Ayapir, Izeh is known for its large number of reliefs as the Town of Rock. Izeh is an ancient town located at the northwest of Ahvaz, it takes approximately 210 km from Ahvaz to Izeh by passing Ramhormoz and Baghemalek. This ancient town has the biggest gathered collection of archaeological sites and monuments, for instance; Sabz ali and Zebarjad tepes which refer to Zarzian period and the rock bas-relief galleries which show special religious scenes. The Izeh Plain and the town of Izeh viewed from Eshkafte Soleiman: The Eshkafte Soleiman, Elamite carvings."

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