Monday, February 10, 2003

LexiLine Journal #154 - 2003 : Malta Hypogeum Deciphered as Non-Visible stars Below Carina to the South Pole(s) and Phoenix



The underground Hypogeum is the real sensation of the decipherment
because it explains to us simply why the ancients put this temple
below the earth's surface.

I have added the file


to our files on Malta at

showing that the Hypogeum on Malta represents the stars below Carina
(which is the entrance trilithon at the top marked by Carina as a
bird's head) extending to the South Ecliptic Pole, and to the South
Celestial Pole at the bottom of the middle level clear to the stars
of Phoenix at the bottom level (this the Phoenix which rises from
the ashes). Also marked are the stars of Chamaeleon, Volans, Pavo,
Octans, Mensa, LMC (Large Magellanic Cloud), SMC (South Magellanic
Cloud), Canopus, Pictor, Hydrus, Reticulum, Dorado, Horologium,
Tucanae, and Achernar in Eridanus.

The sleeping lady in the Serpent's Den just off of Hydrus represents
the curved row of stars in Hydrus where the head of Horologium as a
serpent meets this den.

The so-called "holy of holies", the underground room with the
fabulous round almost modern ceiling similar to the Vatican dome,
marks the South Celestial Pole - explaining the significance of this
room immediately. It is probably the origin (in concept) of our domed ceilings in
churches, i.e. the curvature of the firmament.

The two faces to the sides of middle path of the middle level are
the two heads which can be seen in the Large Magellanic Cloud as
this has already been demonstrated by me in earthworks in Cornwall,

Essentially, the Hypogeum shows us the normally non-visible stars in
the southern skies. Hence, this was the underworld or netherworld
which was then represented by a representational netherworld carved
in stone below the surface of the Earth down to a depth of 30
meters - carved out of solid rock. INCREDIBLE!

The Hypogeum thus becomes immediately understandable, whereas
generations of thousands of scholars have tried unsuccessfully to
assess its importance to ancient man. It is now quite clear.

Based on the positions of the South Ecliptic Pole and South
Celestial Pole, this dates the Hypogeum to approximately 3117 BC.

The middle level of the Hypogeum taken as a whole shows the shape of
a bird of paradise whose beak is around Canopus.

The lowest level taken as a whole makes the shape of a turtle, and
this is the mythical turtle upon whose back the world rests.

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