Friday, January 31, 2003

LexiLine Journal #135 - 2003 : Felsenmeer Felsberg Odenwald Zwingenberg Heidelberg Planisphere Germany Megaliths



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The Felsenmeer [Sea of Stones] on the Felsberg [cliff mountain] is
located on the Bergstrasse in the Odenwald forest in Germany. It is
a site of thousands of giant stones. In the German geodetic survey
these stones represent the bottom of the "well" of Gemini. Although
the natural origin of the stones on that hill is clear, the
geologists allege that all the loose stones are natural in the heaps
in which they are found, whereas we claim that the
selective "heaping" of these stones occurred as the ancients
purposefully rolled them down that hill to form heaped shapes
marking the heavens (these heaped stones are shown as dark areas in

The stone groups shown on the graphic are not our inventions but are
merely our re-drawing of our photo of the plan of the Felsberg
("stone mountain") as prepared by the Verein Naturpark Bergstrasse -
Odenwald and open for inspection to every visitor to this popular
site, which attracts many thousands of visitors annually.

The ancient pathways on this steep hill also form at least one human
figure, if not two. The hill is so steep that there are not that
many alternative tracks, so any track through these stones now is as
good as that used 5000+ years ago. There are few alternatives.

Many gigantic immovable stones or rock formations still on the hill
have also been sculpted to represent a certain portion of the
heavens. Indeed, the Felsenmeer is unique for having over 300 stones
which have been recognized by experts as having been "worked" by
human hand but which the archaeologists – through uncritical and
gullible analysis - have erroneously placed in the Roman period,
thinking the stones were left in place due to an error in the stone
or faulty workmanship on them. That would be a strange world record -
over 300 gigantic stones partially worked by hand and left for
faulty workmanship on one and the same hill - in Germany, the land
of craftsmanship? Impossible.

There may be a couple of stones there from the Roman period (one
rounded column) but the rest are several thousand years older than
that and there is no fault or flaw on them. Rather, the ancients
sculpted these stones into various forms corresponding to the stars
and constellations of the heavens and left them in situ (in place
where they stood) for later generations to appreciate. Indeed, the
so-called "Altar Stone" is a calendric stone with notches for

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