Friday, January 31, 2003

LexiLine Journal #134 - 2003 : Saulheim Obersaulheim Gemini Woman and Child Germany Megaliths



in our files I have uploaded

saulheim3.gif and saulheim4.gif

Der Lange Stein [The Long Stone] of Obersaulheim [Upper Saulheim] of
Saulheim marks Gemini in the German geodetic survey system. The
theme of Gemini is represented in various ways on the megalith. To
the left of Saulheim3.gif, a phallic intepretation for the fertility
aspect of Gemini as the "Twins" is possible. To the right, the large
sculpted mother and child has been confirmed by a later
Christianized insert (small box) having exactly the same motive of
Madonna and Child. Whoever added this insert knew the significance
of the original stone carvings.

The megalith of Saulheim is shown from all four sides, with the two
sides shown at Saulheim4.gif perhaps showing figures marking the
neighboring constellations of Orion, and Cancer and Hydra. The stone
is so weatherworn that this is by no means certain and the figures
are surely not very clear.

In spite of the fact that the megalith of Saulheim is of prodigious
size and about twice the height of a man, the material of the stone
is not local, so that again this enormous and hardy stone was
intentionally brought by the ancients from elsewhere and placed here
for astronomical geodetic purposes. It was meant to survive.

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