Monday, October 14, 2002

LexiLine Journal #73 - 2002 : Killadeas County Fermanagh Ireland Hercules



To our file folder on Ancient Ireland
I have uploaded

and killadeas.tif

Killadeas in County Fermanagh, Ireland represents Hercules in the astronomical geodetic system and I have uploaded several graphics:

and killadeas.tif

This fantastic megalith has carvings on it showing the constellation Hercules as a powerful bear with a comb of honey in its paws, with many other figures, including a deer, a bear cub, a cat (lynx?) of some kind carrying her kitten, and more.

Linguistically, in KIL-LADEAS, LADEAS is like Latvian LACIS "bear".

Also uploaded are

and killadeas2.tif

showing just two large heads which are also on the megalith but which disappear in the drawing if details are included. Look carefully at my drawing here and then at the cited photos online and you will see these heads, especially the right one, easily, if you look at the stone long enough - it is a bit like those magic eye drawings which were popular some years ago - you have to stare at it a while to see the hidden picture. It is a masterpiece of art, dating to at least 3000 BC.

There is also a killadeas3.gif and killadeas3.tif which I have not and can not upload to our files because it contains a picture hidden in the stone which is of a controversial nature - nor will I send to anyone, even if asked. You yourself will have to look at the right side of the photographs of this megalith online (at the URL referred to in the normal killadeas drawing) and I recommend you use a graphic program such as Paint Shop Pro to enlarge the picture and try to draw what you see along the most prominent lines visible. If you see nothing special on the right side, fine. If you find something Herculean, then you probably see what I see.

This is definitely a stone with the signature of Merlin (Morias, Aesculapius) on it, since stones with similar subject matter also exist in Scotland, England and Wales, e.g. as I have discovered, Arthur's Stone Maen Ceti, which contains Arthur's fabled Sword, and which can not be pulled out of that stone, I assure you.

And with this fabulous and unexpected megalith, learning what gave Hercules his name, and why he was represented as Kaiechos on the Pharaonic hieroglyphs, that ends the decipherment of the megaliths of Ancient Ireland - except for the next .gif and .tif which are updates of the Ancient Ireland Decipherment map.

For the megaliths of Ancient Ireland, you the members of LexiLine now know and other 6 billion out there do not know... yet.

Update October 15, 2002

Jacque Driskell, a LexiLine member, has the following comment:

"Regarding: "Hercules as a powerful bear with a comb of honey in its paws, with many other figures, including a deer, a bear cub, a cat (lynx?) of some kind carrying her kitten, and more."The honey comb, and cat sound like SAMSON. Which I personally believe predates Hercules as ancient stories go. The feats of SAMSON are in riddle form and his name is related to the gate of the Sun, as are his feats. I read this interpretation in a philosophy book many years ago, and have studied the text to affirm it's truth. One of his feats involved lighting the tails of a nest of foxes, could this be the cat form? With regards, Jacque D."

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