Sunday, July 18, 2004

Paleolithic Art at Creswell Crags Caves - LexiLine Journal 294

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These links report the recent sensational finds of Paleolithic cave art being made at Creswell Crags in Nottinghamshire, England.

Note that Creswell Crags is a site that I first documented as being of interest for megalithic astronomy before any of this cave art was discovered: See pp. 153-154 of Stars Stones and Scholars

The archaeologists date the cave art to ca. 13,000 years ago (I am sceptical of this date thinking the figures not to be so old) - but in any case it was allegedly long before the megalithic system of
carved megaliths and rock drawings came into existence. Creswell Crags shows clearly - that already at this distant date - the ancients carved figures in relief in rock - which is one of the main cornerstones of my theories. If they already had this ability in ca. 11000 BC then they surely would have had this ability - and more - 8000 years later.

Of course, the majority of the rock art is carved on the ceiling of the cave in question, and was so carved because it represented the stars of the heavens - something which the mainstream archaeologists are still apparently not smart enough to recognize.

Another error that the archaeologists continue to make is to look at figures carved ON a rock but not to pay sufficient attention to the form of the underlying rock itself, which is often ALSO carved into one or more figures and predates the more modern drawings (the rock often does not naturally have this shape, as the archaeologists allege, rather, the underlying shape of the rock is ALSO carved). For example, the stag is carved on rock which in even older times was
carved in the shape of a horse. LOOK carefully at the photos in the sources.

What is being observed at Creswell Crags completely supports my findings on ancient megalithic art.

You can be sure that I am right on these historical questions because new discoveries by others almost always mesh with my theories rather than negating them. - Andis

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