Sunday, March 23, 2008

Sumerian Stars on the Path of the Moon - LexiLine Journal 491

The Stars on the Path of the Moon
(Tablet Nr. 86378, British Museum, Column IV, Lines 31 through 39)

The gods which stand on the Path of the Moon d.SIN, through which the Moon passes in the course of a month and which it touches are:

The Star Cluster MUL.MUL
The Steer of Heaven GU4.AN.NA
The Loyal Shepherd of Heaven SIPA.ZI.AN.NA
The Old One SHU.GI

The Crooked Staff GAM [Camelopardalis runs down to Taurus]
The Crayfish AL.LUL
The Lion UR.GU.LA

The Seed-Furrow AB.SIN
The Scales zibanitum
The Scorpion GIR.TAB
The Fire-Arrow-Sagittarian PA.BIL.SAG

The Great GU.LA
The "tail" of the Swallow SIM.MACH
[AK: As noted by Hinckley "a scholiast on Aratos ... said that the "Chaldeans" called the northernmost fish Chelidonias ichthus ...
shown with the head of a swallow.]

Anunitum and the agrarian worker LU.CHUN.GA

Those are the gods on the Path of the Moon, through which the Moon passes within a month, and which it touches.

Those were the lines of the MUL.APIN clay tablet Nr. 86378, scarcely larger than a wallet (6 cm x 8.4 cm). It is tablet which tells us more about ancient culture and civilization than most of the hundreds of thousands of pages written since then in ignorance of its contents. See in this connection also my posting at about:
"Table of the Path of the Moon : Origin of the Names of the Months as determined by the cuneiform MUL.APIN tablet : Historical equivalence of the months by the MUL.APIN Path of the Moon for the Sumerians Akkadians Babylonians Pharaohs Hebrews Sanskrit Maya plus Sumerian Sons of God (Heliacal Star Risings) and City (Stellar) Reigns as well as The Twelve Tribes of Israel and their Monthly comparables."

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