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Sumerian / Babylonian Heliacal Star Risings - LexiLine Journal 487

Lines for the Sumerian / Babylonian Heliacal Star Risings are given in sequence according to Cuneiform Tablet Nr. 86378, British Museum.

The Heliacal Risings of 34 Stars by Month
(Column II, Lines 36 through 47,
Column III, Lines 1 through 12)

36. On the 1st of Nisannu the agrarian worker LU.CHUN.GA [Perseus] is visible.

37. On the 20th of Nisannu the crooked staff GAM [here Camelopardalis] is visible.

38. On the 1st of Ajjaru the star cluster MUL.MUL [Pleiades] is visible.

39. On the 20th of Ajjaru the (wooden-) tablet GISH.Le [Taurus] is visible

40. On the 10th of Simanu the loyal shepherd of heaven SIPA.ZI.AN.NA [Orion] and the great twins [Gemini] MASH.TAB.BA.GAL.GAL are visible.

41. On the 5th of Du'uzu the small twins MASH.TAB.BA.TUR.TUR [here apparently Procyon] and the Crayfish AL.LUL [Cancer] are visible.

42./43. On the 15th of Du'uzu the lance KAK.SI.SA [Monoceros], the snake MUSH [head of Hydra] and the lion UR.GU.LA [Regulus] are visible.

44. On the 5th of Abu the bow BAN [Alphard] an and star of kings LUGAL [Zosma, Chort] are visible.

45. On the 10th of Ululu the star of Eridu NUN.KI [False Cross] and the raven UGA.MUSHEN [Corvus] are visible.

46. On the 15th of Ululu SHU.PA [Arcuturs] d. Enlil is visible.

47. On the 25th of Ululu the seed-furrow AB.SIN [Spica] is visible.

Column III
1./2. On the 15th of Tashritu the scales (zibanitum) [Libra], the wolf UR.IDIM [Lupus], the wild boar EN.TE.NA.BAR.CHUM [Centaurus] and the sitting dog UR.KU [Serpens Caput] are visible.

3. On the 5th of Arachsamma the scorpion GIR.TAB [Scorpio] is visible.

4. On the 15th of Arachsamma the goat UZ [Hercules] and GAB.GIR.TAB [Antares] are visible.

5./6. On the 15th of Kislimu the Leopard UD.KA.DUCH.A [Cygnus confused with Aquarius] the eagle TI8.MUSHEN [Aquila] and the fire-arrow-Sagittarius PA.BIL.SAG are visible.

7./8./9. On the 15th of Tebetu the swallow SIM.MACH [Delphinus, mistakenly so named for a fish in the air, the SMON of Cicero as the stars of Delphinus]
(added later: shinunutum, IM.SHESH [Latvian SHESH - the six] in the East) is visible
(added later: and the lance KAK.SI.SA [Alphard] is visible in the evening).
AK: IMPORTANT : The later added phrases to the MUL.APIN series are not found on the original tablets but on copies of such tablets, proving such tablets WERE copied from more ancient sources. Moreover, since we know that the lance of Monoceros extended to Alphard, it is only in ca. 720 BC, due to precession, that Delphinus rises and Alphard is the star on the other side of the heavens, proving these tablets were copied ca. 720 BC by Sargon II, Ashurbanipal.

10. On the 5th of Shabatu the Great GU.LA [Capricorn] the Great Square ((ASH).IKU) [Pegasus] and the stag (LU.LIM) [Cassiopeia] are visible.

11. On the 25th of Shabatu Anunitum [Andromeda] is visible.

12. On the 15th of Addaru the fish (KU6) [Pisces] and the old one (SHU.GI) [Auriga] are visible.

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