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The Path of Ea : Jāņu Leja : Lower Path of Anu - Below the Ecliptic - - LexiLine Journal 486

Lines are given in sequence according to
Cuneiform Tablet Nr. 86378, British Museum.

The 15 Stars on the Path of Ea
(Column II, Lines 19 through 35)

19. The Fish (KU6) d.Ea, the lead star of the stars of Ea.
AK: This is Cancer, the Crab, not the Fish. The perhaps erroneously transcribed Sumerian KU6 is so short and unclear that there is no certainty here.

20. The Great God Ea (GU.LA d.Ea) the Star of Eridu (NUN.(KI)), d.Ea
AK: Leo. GU.LA (not to be confused with GULA across the way) here is Leo whence UR.GU.LA, Regulus" and NUN.KI is the False Cross in Argo Navis (Vela and Carina). d.Ea is pictured above another heavenly "reclining" lion - both as symbols for "earth" - and in the roll-seal of Adda (British Museum Nr. 89115), it has rivers springing forth from both sides. The reason for this is that this the only spot in the Milky Way - the False Cross - where there is a full break in the Milky Way so that the Milky Way extends both ways from this point.

21. The star to his right: NIN.MACH
MACH may be the same as Arabic MUHLIF applied to the bright star(s) next to the False Cross.

22. The wild boar (EN.TE.NA.BAR.CHUM), d.NIN.GIR.SU
AK: The Latvian term for boar is MEZHU (forest) KUILIS (boar) and Sumerian GIR.SU = Latvian KUIL.IS. The ancients seem to have put this figure between Libra and Virgo, perhaps as Centaurus? Above the ecliptic the Syrians call Ursa Major the Wild Boar, but it must have originally been the now unused stars along the ecliptic below it. EN.TE.NA.BAR.CHUM has its comparable in the Euphratean ENTENA-MAS-LUV, a star at the end of the tail of Hydra, which fits well. The Chinese TIEN CHING is a similar name as the celestial balance.

23./24. The star to its side: The Harrow (GISH).GAN.UR, the weapon of d.A.E - in which one sees the Apsu
AK: The First star of Libra. The Apsu, Sumerian AB.ZU. Latvian APSU "hole" is the "entry" to the underworld at the first star of Libra.

25. Two stars, which are behind him: d.Shullat and d.Chanish, d. UD and d.Adad
AK: These are the two stars behind the lead star of Libra. d. Shullat is the same as sha-Iltanu, the 22nd ecliptic constellation of Babylon at Libra

26./27. The star behind them, as d.Ea rises (and) as d.Ea sets: the swarm (NU.MUSH.DA), d. Adad
AK: Latvian EJA "the path, gait" is EA. This rising and setting of EA - i.e. start and end of the path of EA here - thus marks the Vernal Equinox at ca. 2340 BC.

28. The star to the left of the scorpion: The Wolf (UR.IDIM), d.Kusu
AK: The wolf here is LUPUS which is originally Latvian LAPSA "fox".

29. The Scorpion (GIR.TAB), d.Ishchara, Governess of all Lands
AK: Scorpio, the star Graffias.

30. GAB.GIR.TAB, d.Lisi, d.Nabu
AK: Dschubba in Scorpio (?). d.Lisi may be the manzil Iclil or Las'ah, a star applied to the Sting, but according to Hinckley, maybe this was an error of assignment.

31./32. Two stars on the stinger of the Scorpion: d.Sharur and d.Shargaz
AK: Shaula, Al Shaulah, the stinger. Sargs in Latvian is "protector" and equals d.Shargaz. It was the "Scorpion King" who started the reigns of the Pharaohs of Egypt and Sargon of Akkad who was the first king of Akkad. Scorpio marked the Vernal Equinox 3117 BC.

33. The star behind them: The Fire-Arrow-Sagittarian (PA.BIL.SAG)AK:
AK: "Sag" is still Sagittarius for short in our moder day.

34. The Cargo-Boat (MA.GUR8) and the Goat-Fish (SUCHUR.MASH.KU6)
AK: This is Capricorn - GULA = MA.GUR8. This is a fishing boat and not cargo boat. Latvian MAKSH-KER "fisher".

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