Friday, May 30, 2003

Franconia New Hampshire Cepheus Megalithic - 210 LexiLine Journal


To our files on North America at

I am today - as the files

newhampshire.gif and
franconia.gif (decipherment plus photograph from

adding the so-called "Old Man of the Mountain" at Franconia Notch
State Park in

New Hampshire to our list of important megalithic rock sites in the
United States.

As I have discovered, this site marked Cepheus (as the large
protrusion of the Milky Way at that point)
in the ancient megalithic survey of North America by astronomy in
Neolithic days.

For a terrific photograph

Hard to believe, but there are mountains in New Hampshire in the
USA. The tallest peak in the northeast of the United States is Mount
Washington at 6,228 feet. The area was sacred to Native Americans.

South and west of Mount Washington near Mount Lafayette in New
Hampshire (1,200 feet above Interstate 93 ca. 65 miles north of
Concord) we then find Franconia Notch State Park, with the
remarkable Old Man of the Mountain - a [once] spectacular rock
carving which mainstream archaeology gullibly believes [ed] to be a
natural formation.

It is claimed to be an "optical illusion" formed by five ledges and
seen only like this from one location (but see again

It is of course quite clear that this is [was] an ancient megalithic
rock carving of immense grandeur, surely using much of a natural
rock formation - which was then uncarved.

Anyone who takes the time to zoom the photo of the forty-foot head
as photographed at chooses/index.asp
(I suggest using e.g. Paint Shop Pro to enlarge the photograph)
will see how clearly and neatly even the eye and the nose and the
mouth are carved, how the hat on the top of the head has the shape
of a hare and how there is a dog (?) up and to the right of the head
at the top (at the small protrusion of the Milky Way above Deneb),
as well as dozens of other figures carved on the ledges.

The only "optical illusion" suffered here is that of mainstream
science, who in their boundless ignorance and arrogance of
alleged "high" learning, can [could] not recognize the carved head
of a man when they see [saw] one.

Remarkably, this "optical illusion" was recognized as a human head
by all else who saw it and it became a state emblem of New
Hampshire - and, although allegedly an illusion,
the outjutting rock which made up this head - disastrously -
FELL early this month,
May 4, 2003 from its perch, in spite of efforts to save it.


We hope it will be restored as the magnificent ancient monument it
once was.

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