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Map of Cahokia Mounds - LexiLine Journal 426

To the LexiLines Files at in the file
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under the heading Map of Cahokia Mounds from Steve Burdic I have added a map of the Cahokia Mounds sent to me by Steve Burdic as Cahokia12Circles.pdf (the map is too large to present here) accompanied by the following message from Steve:
"The map attachment is my latest attempt to bring order (design) to the 100 plus Indian mounds at Cahokia. The base map is made up of the blue mounds. The scale is approximately 1 mile high by 2 miles wide. The base map is in an arc view file furnished by the University of Southern Illinois. This map is a new approach using circles of 3049 meters centered on the top and bottom mounds. The two center points of the circles form a north/ south line and the intersections of the circles form and east west line. Diagonals from the north point to the east and west intersections and from the south to the east/west intersections form a diamond made up of two equilateral triangles. These diagonals form fairly accurate solstice lines.

I believe the solstices and equinox were sighted on the sides of the mounds as well as from the top of the mounds. This belief comes from the way the mounds are aligned with each other and from pottery designs showing mound type structures with circles next to them. Mounds are often aligned so that solstice events have mounds on either side of the line giving extreme accuracy. In some cases five or more mounds line up this way. The archeologists believe there are solstice alignments at Cahokia and they call it the city of the sun. There are many solstice/equinox alignments in the mounds. That is obvious with a little work with a ruler.

The overall design however is elusive. Starting points, units of measure and angles or other geometrical designs are rampant with this many data points. One of my biggest problems is determining statistical proof of figures like circles and three, four, five, six and up to twelve sided figures. I believe there are multiple designs overlapping each other. The whole thing is like a geometrical exercise relating astronomy to earth based mapping. The site is at W 38 39 27 N 90 03 42. This is one of the Latitudes on the planet that give solstice diagonals equal to equilateral triangles. The nearly 90 degree north figure ties the site in with Giza and Stonehenge.

There are Indian mounds as you move up the Missouri River that have similar relationships. I am sure they are tied in with Cahokia and the rest of the world. The design will remind you of the Phaistos Disc design I sent you years ago. I have been trying to find organizational or design regimes ever since. I keep coming up with that basic diamond shape however. Cahokia is now thought of as a religious center that dominated the eastern and central United States from 800 to 1200 An D. It was not a trade center or political empire. I believe it was a geodetic center that brought the geometry, astronomy and mapping together in this special place and that is acted like a university to teach these disciplines.

There is complexity here. The equilateral triangles can be scaled up or down and moved over the map of the mounds giving many solstice and equinox alignments. has a graphic of the birdman tablet with a cross hatch design said to be reminiscent of rattlesnake skin. To me it is the same design of the mounds and the reason for the importance of the area. Post this message and graphic if you like.

Steve Burdic

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