Saturday, May 06, 2006

Much Human Gene Variation is Recent - LexiLine Journal 410

Scott Norris for National Geographic News on March 8, 2006 reported that
Human Genome Shows Proof of Recent Evolution, Survey Finds

Contrary to prevailing beliefs among the anthropologists, and "beliefs" rather than facts is the right word, genetic research indicates that numerous variations in the human genome are very recent, indeed having developed within the last 15,000 years or so, and this may include divergent characteristics such as skeletal composition (bone structure), hair, and skin color. Obviously, if that were true, there are also other related developments in the human genome which are also relatively recent, including the manifestation of human intelligence in its modern form.

Essentially, these findings confirm the conclusions that normal common sense has long indicated to be true. It is not possible that mankind existed in its present form, with its current brainpower, for millions of years or even hundreds of thousands of years, during which man did nothing, with civilization suddenly emerging magically after the last ice age.

Rather, it seems much more logical to conclude that once mankind acquired the brainpower of modern man, the development of civilization, including a sophisticated language and technology, necessarily developed quickly.

I have long argued this point concerning the Baltic peoples and the Baltic Sea. "Balt" in Latvian means "white" and a good argument can be made that the palefaces of humanity developed originally in that region, as the archaic Baltic languages seem to indicate. As written in the National Geographic article:

"Genes related to physical characteristics also showed strong evidence of selection, with interesting differences among the three populations.

"We found five different genes involved in skin pigmentation in the European population," Pritchard said.

He noted that, for humans living far from the equator, lighter skin is important for producing vitamin D, which is often formed in the body following exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays.

Pritchard says evidence of recent pigmentation changes in Europeans may be the tail end of a much older process underway since modern humans first moved out of Africa or Asia to higher latitudes.

But the genetic changes could also be a reflection of more recent northward migrations following the last Ice Age, about 14,000 years ago, he says."

In this regard, many have laughed over the years at my suggestion that the Baltic languages give evidence of being very close to the actual origin of proto-Indo-European language. Given the developing genetic findings, this no longer seems as improbable as it once may have appeared to be to mainstream scientists bogged down in their outdated paradigms.

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