Wednesday, February 08, 2006

RE: England Ancient Astronomical Land Survey - LexiLine Journal 390

Here are the two comments that normally would have been admitted as moderated comments but did not get through due to faulty moderator settings which I have since corrected:



A point of curiosity--The ancients may have used these sites as
reference points but I would think that due to the distances involved
from site to site there "should" have been intermediate sites possibly
as yet undiscovered.
The question I would pose is --Have you ever interpolated between
monuments to predict a possible intermediate point consistent with the
logic that derives the far points? Possibly along ley lines or earth
longitudinal lines?
I enjoy your work--it expands one's thinking process.



We're dovetailing in an excellent way here. I had an article published
in the Northern Earth journal about how the Cerne Giant is himself
based upon a pentagonal framework - which fits contextually with what
you are saying. I also have an article coming out soon which is a
summary of something I have been working on for about three years and
shows how the chalk figures of Cerne, Wilmington and the Whiteleaf
Cross in Bucks are part of an ancient Egyptian geodetic scheme based
on the concept of the Balance of the Two Lands which is primarily
geodetic/geometric and accounts also for the position of Memphis in
Egypt - will send articles soon!


Here is my answer to Comment 1.

In making my analysis of the megaliths in the UK, I have restricted
the megalithic sites which I use for my analysis (with few exceptions)
to megaliths and megalithic sites which the Ordnance Survey map of
Ancient Britain (ISBN 0-319-29029-X) identify as being from the
"Neolithic Age".

My geodetic astronomical analysis accounts for many of these Neolithic
megalithic sites. You only have so many groups of stars in the heavens
and there are really few intermediary points between the
constellations, as the main groups of stars already mark the brightest

Besides, just as in land survey today - and I surveyed land while
still in college in the USA while working one summer for the Nebraska
State Surveyor's Office out in the field - your sightings are
temporary and only the corner stones are placed permanently. I do not
not doubt that there were intermediary stones but single megaliths
have often been moved from fields and their original locations so that
use of such singular or smaller stones is fraught with difficulty. We
already have enough trouble proving that the large megalithic sites -
most of which are still demonstrably in situ - were used as I allege
they were used. As a result, I shy away from "intermediary" locations.


Here is my answer to Comment 2.

Yes, the pentagonal form around the Cerne Giant is of interest.
I will be interested to see your articles on that and related subject.

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