Saturday, January 01, 2005

Norte Chico Civilization in Peru dated to ca. 3000 BC - Mound Builders in Uruguay ca. 2800 BC - LexiLine Journal 314

Throughout past years I have maintained that the human calendar of the Pharaohs, Maya, and Hindu began in 3117 BC and that a megalithic survey of the Earth by astronomy in connection with that calendar was made at that same time by ancient megalithic seafarers from the Old World.

This approximate date is again substantiated in Nature (Vol. 432, No. 7020, 23 December 2004, p. 1020) viz. in an article by JONATHAN HAAS, WINIFRED CREAMER & ALVARO RUIZ entitled "Dating the Late Archaic occupation of the Norte Chico
region in Peru".

That article has been reported by e.g. the BBC and at Stone Pages

The article concludes on the basis of radiocarbon dating that the Andean Norte Chico civilization in Peru, which is characterized by stone step pyramids (platform mounds) started ca. 3000 BC. The Norte Chico are traditionally thought to have been seafarers.

Here again we have further evidence of my megalithic theory - as more and more dates worldwide for megalithic cultures center around a date of ca. 3000 BC.

However, the authors make the unfortunate and erroneous claim, as reported in the New Scientist that this culture - in less than 150 years - went "from small hunter-gatherer bands to great big permanent communities with monumental architectures."

Obviously, such things do not happen in such time periods - the technology involved is far too complex and impossible to develop in such a time period - and hence the only possible explanation is that this technology was imported by peoples foreign to the indigenous cultures of the Americas.

Moundbilders have also been found in Uruguay for the period starting ca. 2800 BC as reported in Nature (Vol. 432, No. 7017, 02 December 2004, p. 614) viz.
EDUARDO ALONSO, ANDRÉS RINDERKNECHT & JUAN MONTAÑA entitled "Evidence for cultivar adoption and emerging complexity during the mid-Holocene in the La Plata basin".

See also Iriarte at or

The article has been reported by e.g. the Seattle Times viz.

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