Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Fourknocks is Cassiopeia in Ireland - Megalithic Astronomy - Stars Stones and Scholars - LexiLine Journal 310

One of the reasons that I am convinced that my decipherment of the megaliths is correct derives out of the fact that corroborating subesequent discoveries - or previous discoveries of which I was not aware at the time that I wrote my book, Stars Stones and Scholars, substantiate my conclusions.

We have one such example presented now at which reproduces an interpretation by Martin Dier of the megalithic site of Fourknocks - a site not included in my book.

Fourknocks is a site of four mounds - only one excavated - located southeast of NewGrange, the latter site which I have equated with the North Ecliptic Pole in the ancient geodetic survey of Ireland, with Knowth as the North Celestial Pole.

To the southeast of Fourknocks, I identified the sites of Glencullen and Ballyedmonduff in County Dublin with Andromeda, with Glencullen having Cassiopeia marked at its top, i.e. pointing to Cassiopeia.

Any site between NewGrange and Knowth and Glencullen and Ballyedmonduff could then only represent Cassiopeia - and so it is.

Martin Dier writes
(see also
and and

"According to Brennan [The Stones of Time: Calendars, Sundials and
Stone Chambers of Ancient Ireland (1994)], Fourknocks I is aligned
17° east of North, which just eliminates any of the direct lunar or
solar alignments with the passage (but not the chamber). However,
during the stone age the passage was aligned with the helical rising
of the "W" shaped constellation of Cassiopeia.

This constellation is curious in that during the stone age it would
rise above the horizon after sunset, but now because of the
procession of the equinoxes the star no longer rises and is observed
in the sky all year. Perhaps their science allowed them to single out
this constellation during the only time in its 26 thousand year cycle
it rises and sets. It is interesting that most of the art in the
Fourknocks is dominated by the W shaped zig zag.

However, this alignment may largely have been symbolical rather than
practical as the passage was filled by burials during the stone age
hence closing off the chamber."
Of course, if Dier were familiar with the contents of my book, he would not write as above that this is some isolated symbolic item and that Cassiopeia was somehow "singled out" by the ancients. In fact, Fourknocks is an integral part of a large system of geodetic astronomical measure covering all of Ireland and including the stars of the many constellations as they were seen 5000 years ago.

There is no doubt about this whatsover.

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