Sunday, May 02, 2004

Bangu-Dae Ulsan Korea Pisces Cetus - LexiLine Journal 274

To our LexiLine Files at

in our directory for Korea I have uploaded the file bangu-dae.png [below]

showing that the Bangu-Dae archaeological site in Ulsan, which is on the southeast coast of South Korea, marks the position of Pisces and Cetus in the ancient geodetic survey of the Korean Peninsula, which had the area of Seoul as its astronomically hermetic center of heaven.

My uploaded drawing of the rock drawing of Bangu-Dae, Ulsan is based on a photo found at BBC at

The rock drawing - according to my analysis - shows the region of the sky from the Spring Equinox to the Winter Solstice ca. 3117 BC. Caelum is marked as the profile of a human face, Eridanus as an animal or possibly swordfish. Pisces and Cetus are marked by fish (perhaps whales or dolphins). Taurus is marked by a boat similar to the boat drawings found in Scandinavia and predynastic Egypt.

See and

Auriga is the head of a bird, Perseus is a human figure, Cassiopeia is marked by four figures for its four major stars, Andromeda and Pegasus seem to be formed by the head of an elephant. The Circlet of Pisces could be a fishing boat and Aquarius a type of "floating bucket" used to hold captured whales or dolphins above water. The heavily marked line on the stone marks the line of the Winter Solstice. To its right are Cygnus as the head of a bird and below that the figures of a dog's head and a cat's figure. Capricorn could be a hook (or a horn) or some round fish.

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