Friday, February 06, 2004

Panama Megalith with Rock Art Found - 252 LexiLine Journal

BBC NEWS carries a February 2, 2004 story at
"Rock discovery causes excitement"

about a large megalith covered with rock drawings just found in
Panama by Julian Chenoweth of Cornwall, England. The megalith is
dated to ca. 3000 BC, weighs 30 tons and is ca. 17 feet (5.18
metres) high. The linked page at BBC has a photo of the rock,
showing a large lizard, and - as I have found - cup-like marks
similar to those found at the site of the Peterborough Petroglyphs
in Canada. Other figures are possible, but hard to tell from the

The archaeologist, Julian Chenoweth of St. Mawes, who works with the
Scientific Exploration Society see
is quoted as saying:

"I believe the rock is a ceremonial place or a boundary marker for a
tribe's territory."

The presence of this megalithic rock in such a faraway place as
Panama fits in with my theory in Stars, Stones and Scholars

where I claim that an ancient survey of the earth by the megalithic
peoples was conducted ca. 3000 BC, whereby the megaliths in fact
served as boundary markers for ancient man and were "sighted in" by
astronomy, a record whereof which was inscribed on the stones.

In fact, we can explain why this rock is exactly where it is. This
area of Darien, Panama, near the Pacific Coast of Panama toward the
far SE side of Panama, near the river Sambu, is the same distance
from the Miami Circle in Miami, Florida, as the Miami Circle is from
the Peterborough Petroglyphs in Canada - ALL ON THE SAME DIRECT
LINE. The Peterborough Petroglyphs are roughly at 44 degrees north,
Miami Beach is at ca. 26 degrees north and the Panama Rock is at
approximately 8 degrees north - this is a distance of roughly 2000
km which fits in with the distances used for survey in North America
in 3000 BC, according to my book. Additionally the Panama Rock
potentially forms a triangulation with the Miami Circle and
Teotihuacan, at ca. 20 degrees north. In other words, the Panama
Rock is a major cornerstone of the survey of North America ca. 3000
BC by the megalithic peoples.

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