Monday, February 23, 2004

Cheops "Coffin" Lion Carving - LexiLine Journal 258

Cheops "Coffin" Lion Carving

To our Files on ancient Egypt at
we have added
the file

which presents a graphic analysis of the so-called "Coffin" in the
Cheops Pyramid - showing that the general talents of Egyptologists -
whatever they may be - do not necessarily extend to fine
observation, and that ALL of the academics, and the millions of lay
people who have marched blindly into the Cheops Pyramid over the
years or the countless millions who have observed the many photos of
what is called the "Coffin" of Cheops in that pyramid, have just not
look closely enough.

People want to be "awed" by the past but they do not want to
simply "look" and "learn". Authorities abound - but their
actual "knowledge" is in fact very limited. They put on a good show,
preferring talk and blather to vigorous and independent inquiry.

Observation - not academic "authority" is the foundation of all
science. We show this clearly here.

As cheopslion.png - my picture-analysis of the front of the
Cheops "Coffin" - shows, this is no coffin at all, as the
Egyptologists foolishly allege. Not only does it have no coffin top
now - but it never had such a top. Indeed, the allegedly "damaged"
corner of this coffin - SOLID GRANITE - which was allegedly damaged
by grave-robbers (so the gullible prevailing theory of the
mainstream of Egyptologists), is INTENTIONAL by the builders.

As we can see from my picture analysis of the main front side of
the "Coffin", the figure of a lion is faintly carved into the solid
granite and the allegedly "damaged" - actually sloping - corner is
in fact simply the marvelously sculpted curve of the back and tail
of the lion, and so intended by the original sculptors.

Hence, with such an intentional "open" gap in one corner, obviously,
this "coffin" was never intended as a coffin for the departed at
all. Perhaps it was cut this way in order to allow living persons
(i.e. the Pharaoh) to get into it more easily, as Napoleon modernly
and secretly did when he commanded Egypt, for whatever "effect" this
might have or have had on the living.

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