Monday, October 20, 2003

Lasers uncover Stonehenge secrets - 227A LexiLine Journal

More websites to the laser scans of additional stone carvings found
at Stonehenge - together with photos - are found at

The press release at the Wessex Archaeology site above writes
"The Stonehenge Laser Scan website at [referred to in the originial
article previously posted] is currently down. A temporary
alternative may be found at

My general comment to the laser scans of the carved axes:

While I am thrilled that laser scan technology is beginning to show
carvings on the stones that I can see with the naked eye and have
long before this high-tech innovation came to the fore, please note
that what you read in those articles from the still-ever clueless
and "ritually-oriented" archaeologists about the meaning of the
carvings is of course nonsense.

As Eusebius said about the pyramids and the lists of the ancient
Pharaonic kings, which also applies to Stonehenge, "it is all
astronomy". Religious rituals and rites are in the clouded heads of
modern-day esoterics and day-dreamers, some of whom appear to staff
the archaeological faculties of this world.

Look at the beautifully carved very large profile of a head (nose to
the left) carved on the right-hand stone of the home page of
- who are doing the laser-scanning.
Do they see this yet - NO - they are oblivious. Lasers and all.
They are STILL unable to see what is directly in front of their
noses (and) retinas.

High-Tech indeed. The discovery of carvings on megaliths is not
mainstream archaeology's to claim. They have been asleep on their
well-padded behinds for centuries. Rather, I have seen the carvings
on the stones long before them. What mainstream archaeology should
do is bow its head in shame and repent, rather than to lay claim to
discoveries which are NOT theirs.


To the LexiLine files on Ancient Britain at

I have added


showing how the photograph on the front page of
includes rock carvings which no one needs a laser beam to see....
You just have to LOOK.

On the right hand megalith, reduction of the color picture to a
black and white threshold level of 75% shows the outline of the
profiled head clearly. Note that there are other figures in the
stones as well.

On the left hand megalith, increasing brightness by 50% but also
decreasing brightness by 50% shows that there are also figures on
this megalith.

Anyone who thinks there are only some small daggers laser-sighted on
these stones (and not more figures) is just kidding himself.
We are nevertheless happy and
thankful that they have been discovered, thus further showing that
there are carvings on the megaliths of Stonehenge, but as we have
shown long before the laser discoveries, there are many, greater,
carvings on these stones.

Andreas, you are right that my interpretation of the carving in the
Cheops pyramid secret chamber is speculative - after all, I made it
based on my photograph of the TV picture seen as the chamber was
opened, not an ideal shot, I can assure you. But even Zahi Hawass
first amazed comment was something like "what are those figures?" -
so there are figures there.
My interpretation of them may or may not be correct - we shall see
as Hawass continues the work - he is a sincere man and I am sure he
will do an excellent job of ultimately providing us with definitive
photos and more research of the secret chamber.

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