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LexiLine Journal #197B - 2003 : Imhotep Benjamin Djoser Joseph Hieroglyphs



In a message dated 4/15/2003 10:25:57 AM Eastern Standard Time,
Betty Rhodes ... writes:

> Andis,
> A question for you - on your page

>Re: the weights and measures chart depicting 28 'dieties' -
>I was wondering if # 11 could be Imhotep where the 'Imset'
>is listed - could these two be the same character?

> Thanks,
> Betty Rhodes

The following is my answer:

In my opinion, the correct reading for Im-hotep is BEN-JA-MIN
(Latvian Vadiba = Hotep, which means "government")

IM-hotep is written with the Owl "MN" symbol (= Latvian MANS "spook,
ghost", long a) whereas the hieroglyph IM-set is written with the symbol for
measure which is "MR" (Latvian MER "measure", long e),
so these characgters in my opinion are not related.

If IM-hotep were found on the royal cubit this could only be related
to symbol 21 which is now translated by the Egyptologists as HAK,
but that symbol could also be related to the term IM-IUT (i.e.
similar to IM-HOTEP), which, according to the British Museum
Dictionary of Ancient Egypt, page 140, was a "fetish symbol
consisting of the stuffed, headless skin of an animal (often a
feline) tied to a pole which was mounted in a pot." (i.e. a ghost)

On the royal cubit, symbol Nr. 21 is the sign of MIN, i.e. also "MN"
(compare MIN to the MAN of the OWL symbol),
and thus used as a homophonic (same-sounding) substitute symbol.

This may confirm my original analysis many years ago that Im-hotep
was BEN-JA-MIN, but NOT Joseph,
for Joseph was then probably DJOSER, i.e. DJOSEr = DJOSEph

As I write at
in comparing Chinese and Pharaonic symbols and astronomy:

"Chinese 22 CHING "well" and Chinese 23 KUEI "ghost"
are Pharaonic 21 HAK

22 CHING "well" defines this constellation's shape well, i.e.
Gemini, as a thin deep well rather than twins. Now, we have sa-KIN-
KIN at this position on the Abydos Palette of Cities and the Latvian
term for "well (of water) is AKA whence Pharaonic HAK,
and whence later Latin AQUA, from this source of water.

22 and 23 will be the "large twins" and the "small twins" as found
on the MUL.APIN tablets as well.

Nr. 21 marks the twins GE-MINi in an astronomical context and is a
mark of "MIN" which was a male phallic symbol taking its name from
the twins of this anatomy.

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