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LexiLine Journal #197A - 2003 : So Many Abrahams and Sarahs



The e-mail below was sent to me by one of our members, Betty Rhodes,
raising the issue of the identity of Abraham in varous cultures.
Since Latvian PIRM- means "first", I think we will find the letter
grouping BRM or PRM in various proper names in the Middle East and
standing for the "first patriarch". Indeed, I have often claimed in
the past, e.g., that HAMMURABI is just a backward misreading by the
Orientalists of ABRAHAM.

Also the name of Abraham's wife SARAI has its comparable in Latvian
SIEVA "wife", which we find in many cultures worldwide, just think
of American Indian SQUAW. The term "wife" resulted from the loss of
the initial S in SIEVA, i.e. IEVA, EVA, EVE, "wife".

Hence, without going into her assignment of significance to the
letter "h" - with which I disagree - I think Betty's recognition of
the connection between these terms in various cultures is valid.
- Andis

Subj: so many Abrahams
Date: 4/13/2003 7:26:52 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: "Betty Rhodes"


Reply-To: "Betty Rhodes"

Sent from the Internet (Details)

Wanted to tell you about the different Abrahams I've found - and
they all had a Sarai.

So Many Abrahams

Abram to Abraham
Brama to Brahma
Abriman to Ahriman
Abarama to Ahriman

Abraham's name was once a shorter version - 'Abram', but later during
his life 'Abram', the name, was extended by adding 'ha' and he became
Abraham. 'Abram', the name, means 'lifted up', or 'exalted'. Abram
represents the Holy of Holies i.e. the 'Debir' - the highest part of
one's existence, as humanly possible. The top of the pyramid, so to

Abraham's story is not unique to the Hebrew Scriptures, for we find
in India they had a Hindu Brama who was the Hindu Creator, or father
of his people. Later the Hundus added an 'h' to his name making
it 'Brahma', as we see an 'h' was added to 'Abram', making it

In Persia the name of their prophet was originally 'Abriman, who
also acquired an 'h' and became Ahriman. The Babylonians also had
their Abraham - spelled 'Abarama'.

The Hebrew Abraham took a wife, Sarai, to which an 'h' was added to
make her name 'Sarah'. The Brahma wife was 'Shri'. If you take the
vowels out of Sarai and add an 'h', you have one and the same
Hebrew/Brahma - 'Shri'.

The letter 'h' signifies life force (ulam i.e. lower animal part of
man's existence), and had to be added to the essence of their
existence in order to create the cycle of life.

In the beginning Abram was the ideal of our highest possible self,
but in order to become the father of nations, in order to pass on
the order of evolution, he had to become one with the lower
self arena. In so doing, Abraham became the father of many nations,
no matter which culture or religion you chose to view the coded

When Abraham made the sincere attempt to offer up his 'lower self'
(portrayed as his son, Isaac), he was once again returned to God in
the 'lifted up' i.e. highest self realm of existence, or
evolutionary scale.

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