Wednesday, March 26, 2003

LexiLine Journal #160 - 2003 : Carnac Morbihan Locmariaquer Gavrinis Megalithic Decipherment Map



To the megalithic files relating to France at

I have uploaded

carnacmp.gif (color) and carnacm.gif (grey scale) and menec1.gif

showing the decipherment of the megalithic sites of Carnac,
Morbihan, Locmariaquer, and Gavrinis.

The megalithic site of Carnac represents the stars of Libra and
Boötes in the geodetic survey of all of France in ca. 3117 BC - the
ancient figure of Menat so that MENAT = MENEC, although there is
surely also a connection of the stone rows to calculations relating
to the Moon, in Indo-European e.g. Latvian MENESS = MENEC.

At the same time, Carnac and nearby sites also represent an
independent smaller planisphere where, for example, as we have
deciphered, the stone row alignment of Menec shows the ancient
figure of Menat in the older earthworks under the menhirs.

This identification shows that the origin of the name Carnac is
related to the Arabic term Nakkar i.e. NAK-KAR (reversed as viz. CAR-
NAC or KAR-NAK as in Egypt) which in later eras was applied to the
constellation of Boötes.

Note that KER [= KAR, CAR] appears in many place names in France. In
Bretonic it simply means "house" , i.e. in an astronomical context
a "house" of the heavens for these sites. It can thus be placed at
the beginning or end of the described house. The sky map formed at
Carnac is as follows (some of the names are given with possible but
as yet speculative linguistic comparables):

Menec Stone Rows– Boötes (MENEC = ancient MENAT)
Tumulus St. Michel – Virgo
Kermario (Ker-Mario) Dolmen and Kercado (Ker-Cado) – Ursa Major
Kermario Stone Rows – Draco
Quadrilatère – Head of Draco
Manio II – Pole Star
Manio I – Geant du Manio – Manio Giant – North Ecliptic Pole
Petit Menec – Ursa Minor
La Trinitè sur Mer – Leo
Locmariaquer (Loc – maria – ker) – Hydra
Gavrinis – Head of Hydra (Latvian Galvinis "head")
Er Lannic – the "Lance Star" Procyon
Kerlescan (Ker - le - Scan) - Cepheus
Kerioned (Kerio - ned) and Keriaval (Keria – val) - Ophiuchus
Kerroch (Ker – (R)och) – Libra
Rondossec (Rondo – Sec) – Front stars of Scorpio
Vieux Moulin – Middle stars of Scorpio
Sainte Barbe – Back stars of Scorpio ("barb" is clear)
Crucuno – Front of Sagittarius (Ancient Greek Chiron)
Kergo (Ker – GO) – Capricorn (Old Persian Goi)
Brizil (Bri – Zil) – Aquila
Kerlagat (Ker – la – GAT) – Cygnus (Arabic Katha, Katat)
Kerlescan – Cepheus

The reason for the great number of stone row alignments at Carnac
can be seen from the file uploaded as


where the pyramid-type triangulation shows that the ancients were
measuring major parameters of heaven in relation to one another,
including the Autumn Equinox, the Summer Solstice, the North
Celestial Pole, the North Ecliptic Pole, and the North Galactic Pole.


The similarity of Carnac, France to Karnak, Egypt does not exist
merely in the name.

The beginnings of Karnak in Egypt have also been traced to ca. 3000
BC as at Carnac in France. Karnak is also famed for the "stone
alignment" rows of its columns - which have also been shown to have
an astronomical significance. One axis of Karnak points e.g. to the
Summer Solstice sunset and the Winter Solstice sunrise.

We surely also have an undeniable connection to the ancient figure
of MENAT at Karnak in Egypt just as in Carnac in France. The most
northerly ancient temple at Karnak was the temple of MONT or MONTU,
so that MENAT = MONT. This of course was BOÖTES, since Karnak was
the region called Thebes (ancient Waset) by the Greeks as the
capital city of the region of BOEOTIA (= BOÖTES).

The astronomical geodetic system originally used at CARNAC in France
and KARNAK in Egypt is thus the same.

Based on the position of the Temple of Mont at Karnak in Egypt, this
ancient MONT was nothing other than the MOUNT of heaven, i.e. the
North Celestial Pole.

The southern temple of Karnak also has a square-edged sacred lake
and was dedicated to the goddess MUT, the wife of Amon. This would
appear to be the North Galactic Pole which is located at the right-
angle formed by Coma Berenices above Virgo.

To the left of the main Karnak temple we find the Temple of Khons,
which is shown in Pharaonic reliefs as a youth with a headdress of a
horizontal crescent moon that is surmounted by a full moon. This
would appear to be Corona Borealis.

Through Carnac in France, we thus have learned essential new facts
about Karnak in Egypt. This is rather incredible.

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