Sunday, February 09, 2003

LexiLine Journal #150 - 2003 : Malta Borg-in-Nadur Deciphered as Puppis



I have added the file

to our files on Malta at

showing that the Temple of Borg-in-Nadur on Malta represents stars
of Puppis.

When I first saw the ground plan of this site I thought that the
remains appeared to be so sparse that no decipherment would be
possible. But, quite the contrary, this was one of the easiest sites
to decipher because of its near lack of inner rooms. This
corresponds perfectly to Puppis which has a fairly faint edge of
stars to mark its boundaries and is pretty empty in the middle.

Close inspection of the stones shows that the front rooms of Borg-in-
Nadur mark the nose of Puppis as the star Zeta and HIP 37819. Zeta
Puppis is in fact called the star "Naos", and it was the Nose. Pi
Puppis marks the ear (?) of the figure. The neck is marked by L2-
Puppis, Tau-Puppis and Nu-Puppis.

The back of Puppis here does not go up toward Pi-Puppis as in the
modern Puppis, but actually forms a round back-of-the-head by using
the back stars of Canis Major, as one can see kappa, epsilon, sigma,
delta and omicron. Toward the side of the head we then find Eta-
Canis Major and HIP 37229 with Xi and Rho-Puppis at the top. These
are all beautifully marked at Borg-in-Nadur. Even the two notches in
the Milky Way at this location are shown by stones at the top left
of the head and somewhat beyond that a part of the circle of stars
at HIP 40321.

The match is simply very good.

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