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LexiLine Journal #146 - 2003 : Malta Tarxien Deciphered as Carina (Argo Navis)



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Tarxien on Malta represents the constellation Carina, in the stars
beta, omega, theta, p and q, upsilon, iota and epsilon
plus the stars kappa and delta Velorum (in the constellation Vela).

[Vela (represented geodetically by Sicily) is the sail of the Argo
and Carina is the Boat. Vela as the sail is found in Indo-European
as in Latvian vela (palatal L) meaning "cloth ,clothing, cloth to
wash", indicating that the principle of the sail may have derived
from hanging wet clothes out to dry.]

The reason that these two lower stars of Vela are also used at
Tarxien is that they are on the Carina side of the break in the
Milky Way and thus should not - as we do today - be assigned to the
sail a such.

That Tarxien has to do with Argo Navis is supported by the name of
the nearby Hal Saflieni Hypogeum for the term
HAL SAFLIENI is surely a corrupted version of
AL SAFIENI which is an Arabic term for ARGO NAVIS.

The entire figure formed by Tarxien has the shape of an owl or a
bird of some sort and contains many other figures formed by stone
shapes inside the temple, including a man (omega), a woman (theta),
a child (upsilon) and various animals, e.g. the turtle at iota.

Not only does omega have the figure of a man in it, but this man is
waving a "hi" to us, out of the stone age! The man's eyes are formed
by the stars HIP 49764 and 4982, while the arm and hand are formed
of the stars HIP 48782, 48641, 47892 and 48523.

The quadrant of stars in front of the nose of Carina at beta-Carinae
is clearly formed by the separate small square megalithic form found
there. These are the stars HIP 45581 (plus 45585), HIP 46741, HIP
46358 (plus HIP 46407) and HIP 44599.

At the very top of the figure a sled (?) is formed by stones using
the stars HIP 50976, HIP 51495 and HIP 51438, whereas a bird is
formed using the stars HIP 54327, HIP 53272 and HIP 52520.

Phi Velorum looks like a seahorse (?).

These details make the identification of Tarxien with Carina beyond
any doubt.

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