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LexiLine Journal #129 - 2003 : Kassel Ursa Major Wilhelmshöhe Weissenstein Megaliths Germany Riesenstein Hünstein Baunatal Wodanstein Züschen



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The name of the city of Kassel is like the German term Kessel
("pot"). Kassel marks the "cup" of Ursa Major, the Big Dipper. The
modern monument of Wilhelmshöhe in Kassel was built on the site of
the previous convent Kloster Weißenstein [white stone] erected
nearly 900 years ago at the location of a white quartz cliff-stone,
then a prominent landmark, which we think marked one of the stars of
Ursa Major. Michael Herwig writes that the "Ley Line" running from
Wilhelmshöhe down the mountain – the longest such inner city line in
Europe – today points directly to the Spring sunset on April 4. The
location of Weißenstein was called Ditmelle in ancient days, which
could easily have been "the Mill" [of Heaven]. Latvian kauss-ulis
means "dipper", the probable origin of "Kassel", which is said to
stem from Chassella allegedly from Latin meaning "castle".

It is speculatively possible to identify several megalithic sites
close to and southwest of Kassel which may have marked stars of the
Big Dipper, but this is still tentative. The Riesenstein [giant
megalith] is found southwest of Kassel near Züschen and Altendorf
and may represent the shape of Ursa Major. The Hünstein of Baunatal
Großenritte appears to have an owl marked on it and we know from
other stones that the owl was often affiliated with Ursa Major. The
Wodanstein [Odin's Stone] of Gudensberg-Maden may have the stars of
Ursa Major carved on it. The dolmen between Lohne and Züschen or the
large megalith – also called Riesenstein – near Ellenberg, east of
Gudensberg, may also be a star of Ursa Major.

These sites will ultimately have to be examined in greater detail to
be sure as to just which locations marked which stars in Ursa Major.

The key to these megaliths is the Wodanstein [Odin's Stone].
According to the Edda, the Norse epic, Odin had a battle axe [we
claim this is Ursa Minor] and we claim that it was this "Njord" [in
e.g. ancient Spanish sailing sources Nortes is "Ursa Minor"] who
cleaved Odin's gates [of heaven]. This Wodanstein was earlier
called "the long stone of Madin" (or Maden) and is made of
quartzite – a material not found in the immediate region, so that
we know this megalith was placed here intentionally by the ancient
megalithic astronomers for geodetic reasons – perhaps the quarzite
came from Kassel's Wilhelmshöhe.

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