Friday, January 31, 2003

LexiLine Journal #122 - 2003 : Externsteine Megalith 2-6 Back Aquila to Aries



in our files I have uploaded


showing the back stones viewed from the Southwest.

Note that the backs of the stones are carved as one would see the
constellations looking from the northeast or front of the stones.
This puts the constellations furthest from the pole at the top of
the megaliths and those closest to the pole closer to the ground,
exactly opposite of what one would normally expect. This of course
initially rendered the decipherment somewhat more difficult than it
should have been.

The back of Megalith 2 shows Aquila as bird of some kind, plus Lyra
and Draco.

The back of Megalith 3 shows the star Enif as a dog - Enif is the
same as Egytpian Anubis (Enif=Anub). We find Enif marked on the rock
drawings of Tanum as well, marking the Winter Solstice ca. 3117 BC.
Below the dog is a bird as Cygnus.

The figure at the back of Megalith 4 was particularly troublesome at
the beginning, since I took this to be the projection of the Milky
Way at Cepheus, expecting the
constellations closest the pole to be at the top. As it turned out,
the human head which is clearly visilb there marks the Great Square
of Pegasus and the hat above that is the Circlet of Pisces, a
lozenge-shaped group of stars formed by beta, gamma, kappa, lambda,
iota and theta. A salamander or lizard-like animal is then shown
below Pegasus as Lacerta. Cepheus is then potentially marked at the
bottom of this stone, though I could not identify anything there.

The back of Megalith 5 is marked by carvings of various animals,
with sheep at the top to represent Aries and an antlered animal as

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