Sunday, January 12, 2003

LexiLine Journal #106 - 2003 : Nebra Astronomical Sky Disk Germany



I have uploaded

to our folder on Germany at

I deciphered this disc last year but they have since found out that
the disc was discovered in Nebra - north of a town in Germany
bearing my name (Andisleben) and not Sangershausen, so I have
changed the name of the old file to nebra.gif and also
removed "Ancient Germany" from the Planispheres folder since we also
have a separate folder for Germany's megalithic sites.

Let me say that what the people responsible for this disk have been
writing and saying about it in the news media is wrong, alleging it
to be ca. 1800-1600 BC - no, the correct date is EXACTLY 23 March,
2340 BC. Some astronomer in Germany has even been alleging it is
simply a picture of the autumn heavens - which is absolute nonsense -
and the archaeologists have also been writing all kinds of
erroneous conjecture. No wonder they never make progress in this

[Update: although I remain convinced that the Nebra Disk pictures an eclipse, contrary to mainstream opinion, I have for the time being accepted the date of 1800-1600 BC, based on the date of other artifacts found with the Nebra Disk - there is another significant eclipse which comes into question during this period - but a date of ca. 2430 BC (see Kak at that link) is not out of the question....]

[Update: my completely revised and updated decipherment of the Nebra Disk was published in Efodon-Synesis, Issue 2, March/April 2005, Volume 12, No. 68. and I have commented on erroneous mainstream ideas at my Ancient World Blog and Kaulinsium]

I have also uploaded
osterode.tif and rhineman.tif
to the Germany folder, taking them out of the now deleted Ancient
Germany folder.

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