Monday, October 28, 2002

LexiLine Journal #88 - 2002 : Creevykeel Carrowkeel Sligo Ireland Virgo



I have uploaded

carrowkeel.gif and

to our Ancient Ireland folder

The connection of Sligo to Virgo is also found at the extensive site Carrowmore which is allegedly the burial place for Queen Maeve, on the cairn atop the mountain of Knocknaree, Queen Maeve, as the legendary ancestor of the Celts, is surely Virgo,
known in Anglo-Saxon as Maiden and in Latin as Minerva.

Carrowkeel Cairn G Sligo Solstice Calculation 2430 BC

Cairn G of the site Carrowkeel in Sligo, Ireland is an astronomical masterpiece of calculation, with the sun shining over the doorway at the Summer Solstice, then being reflected back by a shiny mica wall to the portal stone, which has a vertical slit in it through which the reflected sunlight passes.

As we have discovered, the figures carved on the portal megalith stone of Cairn G permit calculation of the date of this Summer Solstice to June 25, 2430 BC at which time there was a solar eclipse and the line of the Solstices ran from Deneb in Cygnus, through the North Ecliptic Pole, the North Celestial Pole and along the side of the left cup stars of Ursa Major, i.e. the Big Dipper....

This is precisely the line shown by the portal stone in the drawing above.

creevykeel2.gif and
have replaced creevykeel1.gif and .tif in our files
because of a small correction
- moving the Ursa Major label down where it belongs
and adding Pegasus and Andromeda in the background for the stones behind it.

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