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LexiLine Journal #38 - 2002 : Boheh St. Patrick's Chair County Mayo Westport Ireland Centaurus Crux



I have uploaded the files

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Boheh (Cathair na Mart) is a cupmarked rock drawing site also known as St. Patrick's Chair. This chair would seem to represent the flat part of the Centaur (though it might also refer to the lowest part of Hydra).

The key to deciphering Boheh was to recognize that the various figures of heads (3 thinner and one thicker), jutting out into the cupmarks, represented areas where the Milky Way juts out at Centaurus, thus permitting the individual stars to be identified, most of which are in Centaurus and Crux, but also seemingly including a few stars of Vela, though I am not fully satisfied with my individual identifcations of these stars.

Time may require some of them to be revised to point more correctly to a neighboring star.

Very interesting is that a line has been carved at the galactic equator and also at the line of the solstices for ca. 3117 BC.

Boheh may bear a relation to "bend" or "bow" as the jutting form of this constellation. See Gaelic bogha.

The Milky Way has also been "carved" onto the rock to make this part of the stone look different than parts of the heavens outside of the Milky Way.

The location of Boheh in the middle coast of Mayo further supports the decipherment.

Note that the Gaelic CATHAIR ("cat, city") as an ancient name for this site is nearly identical with CENTAUR, so that also here we may have a linguistic match. The folk-tale identity of "chair" of St. Patrick comes from this term since Gaelic cathair can also mean "chair".

And a last piece of evidence is the word MART in the Gaelic CATHAIR NA MART as a name for this site since MART in Gaelic means cow and there is an ancient affiliation of a steer with LUPUS, next to CENTAURUS.

In later times, the "cat" became affiliated with Lupus, the fox, Latvian LAPSA, later in Irish as LOIS "fox".

Update October 15, 2002

A LexiLine member, Jacque Driskell, has the following comment:

"The 'Boheh' area is an interesting name, as I have found the ancient 'mystical' location of 'tohu bohu' is near the great Abysmal part ofthe sky below Scorpio and Ara. Tohu means void and bohu means confusion.This phrase is found in Genesis 1 to describe the condition of 'creation' before time. I have run across this before in my etymological studies. You just reminded me of it. With regards, Jacque"

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