Monday, October 07, 2002

LexiLine Journal #28 - 2002 : Ardristan Megaliths of Ireland County Carlow Pleiades



This newsletter continues our series of newsletters and announces the beginning of my decipherment of the megaliths of Ireland in terms of their geodetics and astronomy.

As I have discovered, the counties of Ireland, although of course changed somewhat over the millennia in terms of their names and territory, still retain the essential original survey of Ireland made by the stars in Neolithic times. This corresponds to what I have discovered to also be true in Scotland, England, Wales, Europe and elsewhere.

The first files I am uploading


show the decipherment of the megalith called ARDRISTAN - i.e. ARDRI STONE - which, as I have discovered, represents the Pleiades as eels.

Ardristan is the only "rifled" stone in Ireland and corresponds to the "rifled" stone in Scotland which - as I have discovered and also reported - also marks the Pleiades. The Irish stone Ardristan shows clearly that this rifling is intentional and results from the ancients representing the Pleiades as eels - these are the "rifled sections" - wíth the eels striving heavenward, much as eels migrate on Earth in part over incredible distances and over steep obstacles.

This may be the origin of the "cord of the fish" [see also here], a "cord marking" perhaps going clear back to 9000 BC at Lascaux, where the Pleiades marked the Winter Solstice and the return of the Sun.

Ardristan is in CARLOW county and hence County Carlow in Ireland represents the Pleiades. The name ARDRI is similar to Pharaonic ATHYRA, and Arabic AL-THURAYYA, i.e AL-THUR-ayya "Pleiades". Athyra is of course also similar to Gaelic eather "ether, air". The Vedic Atharvaveda is also related.

We also have a similar nearby location placename TULLOW in Carlow corresponding to TUILYIES in Scotland, which marks the Pleiades.

The actual county name Carlow is said to originate from Ceatharlach i.e. Ceathar - Lake, so since CEATHR is "four" in Gaelic (which is the same as Latvian CHETRI "four") people have thought Ceatharlach meant "four lakes" but it may indeed have applied to the major four stars of the Pleiades which form a four-square since LACH is the same as LUOG in Latvian meaning "window, opening".

Once we know ONE location in the geodetic astronomical system, as we now do, we need only to add hard work and common sense to find the rest of the locations in the ancient hermetic ystem of the survey of Ireland by the stars of the heavens.

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