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LexiLine Journal #27-P - 2002 : Hatschepsut Exhibition Speyer Germany - Solar Eclipse Coronation



[For a brief period after Newsletter 27 in the year 2002, we posted to LexiLine without giving a specific Newsletter number, and then resumed normal numbered postings with Newsletter 28. Hence the interceding postings (with related topics sometimes combined in one posting) are here named 27-A, 27-B, 27-C, etc.]

This weekend I visited the Hatschepsut Exhibition in Speyer, Germany.

There was no photography permitted in order to increase book and catalogue sales, but the catalogue of the exhibition (22 deutsche marks), available only in German, though I bought it, is one of the worst I have ever seen, having only a few color pictures of the actual exhibition on the cover and being otherwise filled mainly
with overly long text interpretations by the Egyptologists and mostly small black-and-white photos not much larger than the size of passport photographs. I think there is a pressing need for all Egyptologists to go to professionals in the media field and learn how to do exhibitions and catalogues for the viewing public. They
should do this after taking astronomy classes.

As I have written elsewhere, the errors of the Egyptologists in their interpretations of the texts starts with a chronological error in not recognizing, as I have first discovered, that the misread name Hatschepsut is actually the Biblical personage named Deborah, and in fact, the cartouche of Hatschepsut is to be read correctly in my opinion as "Ba-la-te" (i.e. BALTA viz. VALDA viz. VALDE)
De-bo-rah seems to be a later misreading, turning it into te-ba-la.

In Phoenician Graffiti this is written as
LE BA'AL'AT which means "the noble lady") but also the homophonic
VALDA or VALDE "ruling woman".
VALDE in Latvian e.g. means "ruling government".

The cartouche of Hatschepsut consists of:

1. the VASE-Hieroglyph
earlier read as BA and later as VA and transcribed erroneously by
the Egyptologists as HA.
Pharaonic BS or HS (correct VS) is equivalent to our English VASE
2. the LION-Hieroglyph - LA - used later e.g. for the L in Alexander
3. the end of the loaf of bread hieroglyph - TE
4. These are followed by the sitting woman symbol - Latvian SED
for "SIT" which the Egyptologists render as SUT. In fact, it is a
determinative for "ruling woman" showing that the hieroglyphs are to
be read in that manner. In an astronomical context SUT is
SETA "fence", i.e. heavenly division in the Zodiac of signs.


In mythology, Ba'al-at is the wife of Ba'al, and is shown in Phoenician mythology symbolized as a disc between two horns on her head, similar to the crown of the Egyptian goddess Hathor and in Greek, Aphrodite. The monument of her coronation shows her in fact between Hathor and Amun (p. 22 of the catalogue) - and Amun is the
other half of her cartouched name, with Hathor (BA-LA-TE) the second half of her cartouched name. As shown at p. 20 of the catalogue, Hatschepsut is shown being nourished under a cow's udder, the cow symbolizing Hathor, with a disk between its horns. This HAthor is the origin of the HATSCHEP in Hatschepsut, but completely wrong fortranscription of the cartouche. In an astronomical context, Hathor
shows the Vernal Equinox at the back of Taurus ca. 1500 BC.

In an astronomical context, her specific coronation marks the June 1, 1478 BC Solar Eclipse over Egypt in the "pot" or "well" of Gemini. The "pot" for the "well of Gemini" is shown in her coronation cartouche next to the neighboring sign of Leo, the Lion. That is why this choice of hieroglyphs is made rather than any other
homophonic (similarly sounding) ones.

It is this solar eclipse which her coronation verses refer to and which are found in the catalogue at p. 21, where the Pharaoh turns his face to the East and "works a great wonder" from which the Moon (Amun) does not move on the horizon.

This coronation verse substantiates my analysis that the solar eclipse takes place on the horizon due East at the sunrise. "Coronation" is a word to be taken literally and historically from the "corona" of the sun at a solar eclipse.

In the Biblical context:

Her Pharaonic predecessor was Thutmosis I, allegedly a military officer in Pharaonic Egypt rather than a son of Amenhotep I. As Clayton notes in his Chronicle of the Pharaohs, this was a break from tradition, not to take a son as the next ruler.

In the Bible, Deborah's predecessor is given as the judge EHUD (this is the OAR-hieroglyph HRW).

She came to power because Thutmosis II was still a child and there is fact a monument showing her being crowned by Thutmosis I.

Her Pharaonic successor was Thutmosis III, the "Napoleon of Egypt", who is the Biblical "Napoleon" Barak. BARAK is the PERCHed bird hieroglyph, which e.g. in Latvian is PEREKlis.

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