Wednesday, September 18, 2002

LexiLine Journal #27-B - 2002 : Legend Rock Petroglyphs, Wyoming, USA



[For a brief period after Newsletter 27 in the year 2002, we posted to LexiLine without giving a specific Newsletter number, and then resumed normal numbered postings with Newsletter 28. Hence the interceding postings (with related topics sometimes combined in one posting) are here named 27-A, 27-B, 27-C, etc.]

Sammye (Jean Buffum) has posted a number of photos to a new folder in our files (U.S.). By default - the posting of files or photos to our list by members is not permitted. If you wish to post files or photos, please contact me about it, telling me what you intend to post and I may enable this function for you if I think your photos should be in our files.

please see [newer URL is] [Update in the year 2006 by Andis Kaulins: These files are now found in the LexiLine photograph files at]

These photos relate to Legend Rock in Wyoming. Based on these photos I can say unequivocally that this is a major megalithic site. Some of the rocks on which the petroglyphs are found are clearly carved into the shape of large human heads - see if you can spot them. One rock also looks like a serpent's head. I would guess that the figures (petroglyphs) painted on these rocks are later in time and that the rocks themselves are the original megalithic star map.

Sammye, post more photos if you wish - this is a major site. Are there any photos giving an overview of the entire site so that we can place the location of the petroglyphs and rocks one to the other?

[Update September 18, 2002 by Jean Buffum]

Dear Andis and Lexiliners

Photos of Petroglyphs at "Legend Rock" site near Thermopolis,Wyoming have been uploaded to the "Files" section. To view choose files from the menu, then click on

U.S. Petroglyphs > Wyoming > Legend Rock

Will look forward to interpretations of their astronomical significance.

[Update in the year 2006 by Andis Kaulins: These files are now found in the LexiLine photograph files at]



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