Tuesday, April 09, 2002

LexiLine Journal #2a - 2002 : Thornborough Circles




Due to my recent acquisition of Starry Night Pro, the best state-of-
the-art astronomy program on the market today, some corrections and
new discoveries can be reported regarding the Thornborough Circles,
Yorkshire, England, 3117 BC.

The previous file thornbor.tif in the LexiLine files has been deleted
and a new corrected version uploaded under the same name.

The file thornbo2.tif has also been uploaded.

Starry Night Pro has permitted me to decipher the calculation being
performed by the Thornborough Circles as the measure of the celestial
meridian at the equinoxes in 3117 BC from the South Pole Star to the
North Pole Star.

The measuring points used by the ancients were the following stars or

- the star alpha in Hydrus (close by is the South Pole Star in
3117 BC represented as a small mound at Thornborough)
- the star alpha in Triangulum Australis
- the star alpha in Scorpio, Antares
- the star kappa in Serpens Caput - this explains why this otherwise
rather insignificant constellation was so important in this era (!)
- the North Pole Star

These stars mark the Celestial Meridian at the Equinoxes in 3117 BC.
As one can see at Thornborough - the star alpha in Triangulum
Australis, the nearest bright star at the point desired, is off
slightly to the right of the meridian line and this is reflected in
the slightly skewed position of the 3 Circles at Thornborough.


The third time - and third correction - is the charm....

Although my new understanding - that the measurement at Thornborough
Circles runs along the celestial meridian at the Equninoxes in ca.
3117 BC - was correct, the second version of the interpretation of
the Thornborough Circles just uploaded several days ago needed
correction again,

so that I have again deleted the old thornbor.tif and replaced it
with a new version, which now stands,

running the decipherment of the 3 circles from the star alpha in
Hydrus to the star beta in Hydrus to the star alpha in Triangulum
Australis, i.e. a distance of 1/4 of the heavens.

Uploaded new - therefore - thornbor.tif

The reason for this correction was my search for a place where the
Thornborough Circles measurement was originally made - since of
course this was not done in England but only recorded there on the
ground. The newest National Geographic Magazine came to the rescue.

The Lexiline Newsletternto be sent today will provide the
details, since the place of origin of this measurement was further
south - and as we shall see - originally YUCATAN.

The ancient locations for the measurements were later places on which
temples were built by the Maya, but the original measurements were
made by the Argonauts long before them.

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